Udne Ki Aasha 2nd June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 2nd June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Paresh telling Renu that he is going to the labor office to look after his pension while Roshmi comes there, and she insists Paresh wait for five minutes.

After that, she tells everyone that she is going to open her spa and parlor and wants to welcome her whole family to its inauguration which impresses Paresh, and he says that it feels good that she is involving all of them in her happiness.

Tejas says that he is going to bring some printouts of the necessary documents required for his new job and Paresh also goes for his work.

Renu asks Roshmi if she discussed the wedding with her father or not then Roshmi starts acting and asks her to not ask this thing again from her.

Vidhya murmurs that soon Roshmi will get a national award in acting whereas Roshmi lies to Reni that she has informed her father about the wedding, and he will come directly on the wedding day and attend all the functions.

Then, she goes from there for her parlor work whereas Renu murmurs that she is waiting to meet Roshmi's father so that she can remove the distance between her and her father so that Tejas can handle her father's business.

On the other hand, Aaji asks Sachin and Sayali to serve food to each other after that he asks her if he can eat dinner or not then Aaji asks him to feed Sayali from his hands.

Sachin gets shocked and asks her to feed by herself while Shanti also asks Sachin to feed her after that he says that he will feed her then Aaji asks him to feed Sayali not her.

Then, Sachin feeds dinner to Sayali from her hand and Aaji asks Sayali to do the same while Shanti whispers in Sayali's ear then Sachin asks her what she is saying whereas Sayali is about to feed him.

Sachin terrifies Sayali while eating and he asks Aaji if he can eat while Aaji asks them to feed each other simultaneously while Sachin makes a weird face while feeding Sayali.

Later, they go to sleep and Sachin sleeps on the floor while Sayali sleeps on the bed and notices that Sachin is struggling to sleep on the floor as mosquitoes bite him and she starts laughing.

Sayali asks him if his friends do not have anything to talk about that they discuss their wives and bitches about them whereas Sachin again starts bitching about ladies in front of Sayali.

On next day, Joe's daughter asks him if he called Aaksh for asking apology from her or not while Sayali removes the evil eyes of Aaji which impresses Sachin.

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