Udne Ki Aasha 2nd May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 2nd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sayali going back to her home and crying in front of her father’s photo and saying that she cannot live with her new family.

Shobha becomes anxious and asks her what happened after which Sayali tells her that she cannot live in such a family where everyone is very much weird.

Sayali cries and hugs her and says that she cannot live in that Family after that Shobha asks her to discuss her problem with Paresh as he is concerned for her.

Shobha asks her to learn adjustment but Sayai does not listens to her and says that she cannot live along with them after that Shobha tells her that initially she also took some time to adjust.

Sayali does not believe in her after which Shobha explains to her to not argue and directly go back to her house as it is part of her whole life.

She asks Sayali to manage things and tell Paresh her problem because he is next to her father after which Sayali taunts her and says that she had heard earlier that after marriage mother’s house does not remain the same but now she has seen it with her eyes.

After that, Shobha tells her that she cannot answer the questions of neighbors so it will be better if she r back to her house.

Sayali feels heartbroken and she asks Juhi t take care of herself and after that she goes from there back to the Deshmukh family.

Paresh asks Sayali where was she then she tells him that she went to Shobha’s house after that she tells him that she feels like a guest in this house.

Then, Paresh asks her to have some breakfast then they will discuss it after that Sayali is about to cook but Paresh asks her to sit and he cooks on his own.

Sachin asks Paresh where is he after which Paresh asks him to come to the kitchen after that he asks Sachin to give breakfast to Sayali but he says that she can take it on her own.

Paresh scolds him after which he offers breakfast to her while Renu gets shocked to see it and murmurs why Sachin is offering tea to Sayali.

Sachin asks Sayali to have breakfast instead of staring him but Paresh asks him to give the chutney to her after that he asks Sayali to have the breakfast.

Paresh indirectly asks him to feed Sayali on his own but he refuses after that Paresh asks Sachin to have home food.

Meanwhile, Renu murmurs what is going on in Paresh’s mind while he thinks of an idea to bring Sayali and Sachin together.

Sachin tells Paresh that he is living for work after that he asks Sachin to come early while Paresh asks him to inform Sayali too before leaving.

He tells her while Renu notices Tejas in temple after which she follows him and asks him what condition has he made of him but he asks her to go away from there.

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