Udne Ki Aasha 30th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 30th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sayali telling Sachin that she loses her self-respect when she is not able to help him with financials.

Sachin realizes that Sayali also has dreams and aspirations which she should follow and he assures her that he will help her in achieving her dreams which she wants.

He says that he will bring the things whichever she requires and is always there to look after her which makes Sayali feel happy seeing so much love in Sachin's eye for her.

Later, Sachin asks Aaji what is Renu and what the other things they are planning to do then Aaji tells him that Renu hasn't returned from the hospital yet.

Sachin says that he is happy to see her like that after that Aaji scolds him for thinking like that while Renu returns from the hospital along with Tejas and Paresh.

Aaji asks her how is she feeling after that she tells Aaji that she is having severe pain while Sachin makes fun of her after that Tejas scolds him.

Renu asks Tejas to make her sit then he makes her sit on the sofa while Renu says that she won't be able to stand then Sachin asks them to cancel the wedding.

Tejas becomes angry and asks why will they cancel the wedding after that Renu says that she will attend the wedding while Paresh tells Aaji that it is a small injury and that she will get fine soon.

Aaji realizes that mohrat for Sachin and Sayali has been passed which makes Renu happy and Aaji says that she will look into it after Tejas's wedding as today she got late due to Renu.

Renu says that she fell because Sayali spilled the water on the floor Paresh asks Sayali why she spilled the water Sachin asks Sayali to tell the reason but she does not say anything.

After that, Sachin tells everyone that Renu said after Sayali's family came there then she thought that her house had become dirty which makes Aaji and Paresh angry over Renu.

Aaji lashes Renu and she takes away Sayali from there while Paresh tells Renu that she has explained to her many times to behave well with Sayali's family but she never understands.

Later, Sayali prepares Kada for Renu but she refuses to drink it then Paresh and Aaji force her to have it so she drinks it.

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