Udne Ki Aasha 30th May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 30th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sachin and Sayali going to meet Aaji and he eats some snacks which Sayali does not know.

She asks him what is he eating then he tells her everything that it is his favorite childhood snack which he used to eat daily after school.

Meanwhile, Renu gives ten lakh to Roshmi and asks her to get ready for the wedding now as she has arranged for the money by keeping her house as collateral.

Roshmi becomes happy and says that she wants her to do the opening of her parlor after which Shakhu tells Renu that Roshmi is making her chief guest of her parlor.

After that, she goes from there while Ren tells Shakhu that she is feeling anxious now if Roshmi cheats Tejas then what will he do?

Renu says that she has to return the money in three months at any cost after that Shakhu asks her to not worry as Roshmi will look after things carefully.

On the other hand, Roshmi asks her friend to make a list of materials for the parlor after which her friend asks her that earlier she said her that she wouldn't take her husband's money for opening the parlour but what has happened to her now.

Roshmi tells her that it is like a bank loan and she will return the money to them on time and she tells her that she loves Tejas and likes spending time with him.

On the other hand, Aaji gives surprise to Sachin and Aaji by going to receive them which makes Sachin and Sayali happy and she complains to Aaji that Sachin never brings her to meet her.

Aaji scolds Sachin for it after that she shows the tractor to Sayali which makes her excited and Sayali says that she wants to sit on it and wear a gamcha like Sachin.

Then, Aaji ties gamcha on Sayali's forehead and Sachin asks Aaji if they are going to someone baarat Aaji tells him that Sayali is coming for the first time so she wants to do a grand welcome.

Sayali sits on the tractor along with Sachin and Aaji and she asks Sachin if she can press the horn after which Sachin says that she is becoming demanding day by day after which Aaji asks him to not stop her from completing her wishes.

On the other hand, Renu reaches home back after that Paresh asks her where she had gone then Renu tells him that she went to fix Tejas and Roshmi's wedding date.

Tejas thanks Renu for bringing girl like Roshmi in his life whereas Aaji asks Sayali to come along with her so that she can show the house to her.

Roshmi comes to Renu's home for another ritual after which Tejas praises her while Paresh holds his hand and takes him into the room and asks if he is sure that he wants to marry Roshmi.

Tejas tells him that his compatibility matches with Roshmi whereas Sachin decides to have party with his village friends which makes Aaji angry as he does not informs her.

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