Udne Ki Aasha 31st March 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 31st March 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Paresh and Renuka coming to Sayali’s house to fix Teja's wedding with Sayali.

Renuka makes fun of the chawl in which Shobha lives and tells Shakuntala that Paresh has found such a third-class Rishta for her Tejas.

After that, they go inside Sayali’s house to see her while Shobha greets them with love but Renuka asks her to have some patience.

Shobha feels weird but does not say anything after which she introduces Dilip and Juhi to them.

Meanwhile, Renuka taunts her for living in such an old house where everything is so old to make Shobha feel bad.

Paresh asks Shobha to ignore the things that Renuka is saying after that Paresh asks Shobha to bring Sayali.

Then, Shobha goes to bring Sayali and she gets emotional to see her in a saree and says that if Alok was there then he would be so happy.

Sayali asks her to not be sad after which Shobha asks her to come out with snacks and tea for the guests.

After that, Sayali comes and offers tea to everyone while Renuka asks about Sayali’s education after which Sayali tells her that she is twelve pass.

Renuka demeans her after that she asks what gifts Shobha is going to give to their family.

Paresh tells her that Shobha will give jewelry and various gifts to their family after which Paresh asks Shobha if they can fix the wedding date.

Then, Dilip gives him the calendar and he fixes the date with everyone’s agreement while Paresh asks Sayali to talk to Paresh alone.

Sayali says that there is no secret talk for which she needs to talk alone and she says that she can talk in front of everyone.

Paresh asks her to take her time and asks her to go talk to him alone after which Sayali and Tejas go outside to have the conversation.

Meanwhile, Shobha’s house owner also comes there and praises Sayali in front of Paresh’s family but Renuka makes a weird face.

On the other hand, Sayali tells Tejas that Shobha and Paresh insisted on marrying that’s why she got ready for this wedding.

After that, she tells Tejas that she wants to do work for her family even after the wedding until Dilip and Juhi become independent.

Tejas tells him that she can do the work as he will not apply any restrictions on her which makes Sayali happy.

Then, they come inside and fix the wedding after which Dilip applies tilak to Tejas and his family members and gives shogun for fixing the Rishta.

Paresh tells Shobha that he wants her to fulfill the ritual that Alok would have done if he were there after which Shobha comes and completes the ritual.

Later, all the rituals are completed and they return to their house while Paresh asks Shobha to not worry about the wedding expenses.

Shakuntala tells Renu that she is lucky to have a daughter-in-law like Sayali who will look after her while Sayali also seems to be happy with this wedding.

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