Udne Ki Aasha 31st May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 31st May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Renu asking Pandit ji to find a suitable date for Tejas's wedding but Pandit ji says that first, he is matching Kundali.

Roshmi asks Tejas what was Paresh telling him then Tejas tells her that he was discussing their marriage with Paresh.

Sayali calls Shobha and tells her that she is feeling happy in the village but Juhi asks her to tell about the girl who came to see Tejas for marriage.

Then, Sayali tells her that the girl is very cunning as she mentioned him maid when she came for the first time in their house while Sachin comes there after which she cuts the call.

Sachin asks her about whom is she bitching then Sayali tells him about Roshmi to Sachin and how she misbehaved with her while Sachin says that he thinks she is the girl only who ram with Tejas's money but now she has come.

Sayali says that she finds that girl weird as she never tells anything clearly whereas Akash asks Roshmi in Dubai where her family lives which makes Roshmi anxious.

She asks her friend to handle the situation after which she asks Aaksh to not do such talks right now as she is having some clash with her father after that Roshmi says that when will Pandit Ji find the mohrat.

Pandit Ji tells them that next month's first Thursday is the best day for the wedding whereas Sayali insists Aaji that will help her in cooking after which Sayali chops the onion.

Sayali asks Aaji to teach her how to cook on Chula after that Aaji tells her that it tastes different when food gets cooked on Chula while Sachin asks Aaji to make tea for him.

He drinks the tea made by Aaji and goes to meet his friends while she asks him to come on time whereas Sayali learns to cook on Chula and her sister-in-law asks her to learn how to cook properly as it is the way of reaching her husband's heart.

Aaji comes there and tells Sayali that she wants to play with all of her grandson's kids after that she will go to heaven peacefully then Sayali asks her why is she leaving there alone.

Then, Aaji tells her that she looks after farming so she lives there while Sayali says that she wants to become like her and will take her back to the city with her.

Paresh calls Aaji and tells about Teja's wedding whereas Sayali meets her neighbors and she finds Sachin discussing her with his friends.

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