Udne Ki Aasha 3rd April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 3rd April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Paresh telling Shobha that they will eat in the utensils in which they eat.

Meanwhile, Renuka murmurs in Shakuntala’s ear that Shobha has money but she has kept it hidden.

After that, Shobha offers them kachori and samosa while Renuka makes fun of her and says that she does not eat such oily stuff.

Then, Shobha makes tea for her after which they go from there while Sayali tells Shobha that she is not feeling good after which Shobha asks her to not think much.

On the next day, Shobha goes to buy a chain for Tejas and asks Sayali to call Paresh ji and ask for his confirmation

Sayali calls him while Sachin receives the call and asks to whom she wants to talk after which Parseh takes the phone from his hand.

Shobha asks him to talk to Sayali after which she asks him to come in the shop and select the chain on his own but he says that they don’t want it but Sayali insists on him.

Then, Paresh goes there along with Sachin while Sayali and Juhi wait for him on the way while Sachin asks Paresh to tell some etiquette Tejas.

Sachin tells him that Tejas’s wife's life will become hell after marrying him and says that he does not want to meet her and asks him to go and meet her.

He waits near his taxi while Paresh goes inside the shop and tells Shobha to not do any formality while Sayali asks him which chain he likes.

Paresh asks her to not buy an expensive chain after which Sayali tells him that Shobha wants to gift a good chain to Tejas.

After that, they fix a chain that Shobha likes after which they come out of the store and Paresh tells them that Sachin will drop them.

Meanwhile, Sachin goes to drop off a customer after which Shobha asks him to not worry and tells him that they will go by bus.

Then, Paresh goes from there while Shobha tells Sayali that she is blessed to have a father-in-law like Paresh while Sayali says that they are getting late for the bus.

On the other hand, Renuka tells her friend about the money that Sayali’s family has and decides to demand more money from her.

She goes to Shobha’s house and asks her to give at least one lakh rupees after which Shobha tells her that she does not have any money now.

Renuka tells her that Tejas was getting Rishta of rich people but just for humanity they decide to marry Sayali.

She tells Shobha that she is angry with her while Shobha asks her to not get angry and she cries in front of her.

After that, Renuka anyhow convinces her to give some money and taunts her for not calling her to select the chain for Tejas.

Shobha asks for an apology from her while Renuka asks her to discuss the expenses related to a wedding with her only not Paresh.

The End. 

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