Udne Ki Aasha 3rd July 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 3rd July 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sayali asking Juhi why is she taking so much time while making the garland after that she helps her make the garland quickly.

She tells Juhi that she did all the decoration on time with Sachin’s help after that Aasksh says that Sayali’s speed of making the garland is very fast.

Then, Juhi asks him why haven’t invited his friend Riya then Sayali asks him why didn’t he call her after that Aaksh says that he forgot to invite her.

Shobha asks who is Riya then Sayali tells her that she is the one who helped them get Sachin from jail.

Renu looks at the decoration and becomes happy and thinks that the old decorator has done the decoration and says that it is according to Tejas and Roshni’s status and she becomes happy.

Sayali asks her if she likes the decoration then Renu asks her to not say anything and she thinks that Sayali left the decoration in between after that Sachin comes there and tells her that is Sayali who did this wonderful decoration.

Renu becomes shocked to see the decoration then Paresh comes there and Sachin shows the photos of Sayali doing work which surprises Renu and Paresh appreciates Sayali for her hard work.

Then, Kishor comes there and Sachin says that he did recognize him because of his makeover Kishor greets Renu but she does not respond Sachin meets Tejas and taunts him that this time his wou wife ran away from the wedding which hurts Tejas.

Tejas asks Renu to see what Sachin is saying while Sachin says that Roshni is similar to Tejas and he asks Sayali what is saying then she tells him that the thing we sow shall we reap.

Renu does not say anything and she worries why Roshni is not receiving the call Sachin again makes fun of Tejas after that Renu asks Sachin to keep his mouth quiet.

Later, Roshni comes for the mehendi ritual but she is terrified that PA will disclose her truth infront of everyone then Vidhya tries to motivate her to not think wrong.

She receives call from PA which makes her anxious whereas Renu starts making rangoli while Kishor asks her to let Sayali make the rangoli but she says that she will make it.

Then, her friend comes there and taunts her saying that if again Tejas e from the wedding which makes Renu feel bad while Sayali makes a rangoli which is appreciated by Pandit ji.



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