Udne Ki Aasha 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sayali removing the evil eye of Aaji which impresses Sachin and he thanks her for it.

He asks to do it for Paresh too after that he goes to meet Aaji whereas Roshmi and Vidhya wait for Renu and her family so that they can begin with the reopening of the parlour.

Just then, Renu comes there along with the family after which Roshmi greets everyone while Paresh asks her if they get late for the inauguration then Roshmi says that there is nothing like it.

Paresh asks her what name has she kept for the parlour then Roshmi says that it is a surprise for them after which Renu and Paresh cut the ribbons and Roshmi asks Renu to remove the curtain from the nameplate.

Renu is impressed to see the nameplate and she hugs Roshmi and gives her blessings while Roshmi says that today if she is doing anything then she is the reason behind it.

After that, Roshmi goes to work while Paresh says that Roshmi is giving so much preference to Roshmi that it feels like Renu has given her money to open the parlour.

Shakhu tries to handle the situation and says that Roshmi loves her that's why she kept the parlour's name at her name after that Paresh goes from there while Renu expresses her concern to Shakhu.

Shakhu says that they will soon rectify everything whereas Tejas goes for his work as it is the first day of his work while Roshmi asks Renu to become her first customer.

Roshmi does her makeover and notices that Paresh is sleeping after which she wakes him up and says that Renu is ready Paresh is shocked to see Renu and asks her if she is Renu.

Paresh is not able to believe it and says that she is glowing after that he clicks Renu's photo before going back to the house while Tejas meets his team and his manager asks him to give suggestions so that they can defeat their competitor.

Tejas gives options to the manager which are not significant after which his manager removes him from a job for misbehaving with the cofounder of the company and she asks him to get out of the company.

On the other hand, Paresh calls Sachin and tells him about Roshmi's parlour opening Sachin after that Tejas return to Roshmi's parlour and tells her that he is having a headache.

Meanwhile, Aaji has fun with Sachin and Sayali while he pulls Sayali's leg which irritates her and she complains about him to Aaji after which Aaji tells her that Sachin is a good person with a pure heart.

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