Udne Ki Aasha 3rd May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 3rd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Paresh calling Sachin and asking him to come on time before five.

Sachin tells him that he might take some time to come as he has to expand savitri travels in Mumbai so he needs to give some time to his work.

Paresh asks him to do these things later on and just come on time after that he cuts the call while Renu asks Tejas why is he living in such an area where there is no facility.

She tells him that she visited his office to find him but got to know that he has left for Canada but police came for verification then she got to know that he has not moved to Canada.

Paresh asks Sayali to get ready to go out along with Sachin but she is shocked to hear it after that Paresh asks her to keep calm and take one step so that she can make Sachin a better man.

Renu asks Tejas to answer her after which he tells her everything that Isha ditches him and runs away with the whole money.

Then, she beats him and asks why is he so dumb after which Tejas asks her to beat him more and more but she starts crying which breaks Tejas's heart.

Meanwhile, Sachin returns home and Paresh asks him to take Sayali to the temple after which Sachin says that she has been putting a stall in front of the temple for so many years so she can go on her own.

Sayali feels offended after which she says that she can go on her own after which Paresh scolds Sachin so he talks politely with her and goes to have a bath so that he can go to temple along with Sayali.

Tejas joins hands in front of Renu and says that he has lost everything and never thought that Isha would ditch him but now he cannot trust anyone after that he tells her that he decided to die by coming in front of the railway track but he stopped remembering her.

Renu asks Tejas to not cry as Isha is also responsible after that she says that she had many dreams for him but today after seeing him like this her heart is aching.

Tejas asks her about the family after which Renu tells him that Paresh made Sachin marry Sayali which surprises Tejas.

After that, Tejas asks her if he can come home but she indirectly says no to him and asks him to stay there for a few days and never tell the things related to Isha to anyone.

Renu assures him that she will bring food for him daily and asks him to look after his health after that she gives him money and goes from there.

Then, she returns home and notices Sachin and Sayali going on a bike after which Paresh tells her that they are going to the temple while Sayali argues with Sachin on the way.   

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