Udne Ki Aasha 4th April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 4th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sayali returning home after which she meets Shobha and notices that she is tensed.

Then, she asks Shobha about it but Shobha ignores her and says that she is thinking about what to cook.

Meanwhile, Sayali asks her why Renuka came there after which Shobha lies to her that Renuak came to the market after which she came to their house to meet them.

Sayali does not believe in her while Shobha goes from there whereas Paresh notices Renuka sketching the flowers.

Just then, Kishor comes there and gives retirement money to Paresh after which Renuka asks him to give it to Tejas.

After that, Paresh goes into Tejas’s room and gives him the money after which Tejas tells Ishika that he wants to give her good news to her.

Ishika asks him to tell her but he says that he will directly come there and tell her and after some time he reaches there.

He rings the doorbell after which Ishika's friend hides there while Tejas tells Ishika that he has got the retirement money which lightens up Ishika’s eyes.

Ishika hugs him while he tells her that soon they will settle in Hyderabad and double the money after that he goes back home.

Ishika’s friend comes out and says that Tejas is a fool after which Ishika starts laughing whereas Shobha arranges for money on next day.

She meets various stakeholder’s next day and one of the owners asks her to arrange from the goon of their locality.

Shobha refuses and takes the fifty thousand rupees from him and signs on the papers while he asks her to return the money on time.

On the other hand, Shakuntala comes to meet Renuka after which she pulls Shakuntala’s leg whereas Tejas thinks about depositing the money.

Just then, Paresh comes there and asks Tejas when will he bring back the car after which he lies to him that it has gone for repair.

Parseh asks Sachin to bring Aaji from the station after which Sachin asks Paresh to tell Aaji that he is going to take her from the house.

Meanwhile, Shobha comes to Parseh’s house along with the money and she recalls that she does not have to tell about the money to Parseh.

Renuka lies to him that she called her to discuss about the ritual while Paresh receives some urgent work after which he goes from there.

After that, Renuka offers tea to Shobha while Shobha gives her fifty thousand rupees and asks her to purchase the gifts as per her will.

Renuka becomes happy while Shobha returns home for work whereas Renuka tells Shakuntala that she will pester her so that she can cancel the wedding on her own.

Meanwhile, Tejas gets to know about the money and he takes it from Renuka whereas Sahukar gets to know that Sayali is going to get married.

Sahukar gets angry whereas Shobha brings a designer Saree for Sayali which makes her emotional after which Juhi and Dilip consoles her.

Sayali tells them Juhi and Dilip will be her forever responsibility while Shobha asks her to take care of her both the houses after which Sayali asks Shobha to hug her.

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