Udne Ki Aasha 4th July 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 4th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sayali being praised by Pandit Ji which hurts Renu and she becomes jealous of her and says that it is an ordinary rangoli.

Shakhu asks Renu to come along with her to bring Roshni’s lehenga while Renu is interested in hurting Sayali.

Meanwhile, Roshni is worried and says that she won’t be able to marry Tejas because PA will come there anytime and tell her the truth.

Vidhya asks her to not worry after that Renu and Shakhu come there and ask her to open the door which makes Roshni anxious and she wonders if Renu heard or not.

She collects courage and decides to open the door then Renu comes inside and gives the lehenga to her and Roshni takes blessings of her with tears in her eyes.

Renu asks her what happened but Roshni does not tell her anything after that Renu asks her to get ready on time for the wedding and she goes from there.

Paresh sits along with Kishor and they discuss Sayali and says that Sachin is blessed to have her in his life as she is the real Lakshmi of his life.

Sayali comes there and asks him why is he sitting there after that Paresh asks her to call Sachin as the wedding is about to start.

She tells him that she will call him after giving the prasad to Pandit Ji and she calls Sachin and asks him when will he come.

Sachin says that he does not want to come because he is not interested in attending the wedding as he has more important work rather than attending this wedding.

Sayali insists on him coming after that he agrees to come there and asks her if she had lunch or not so she tells him that she had juice then he asks her to have some other food too.

After that, he cuts the call and goes to pick up the PA whereas Aaksh meets Juhi and tells her that she is good at making garlands and he wants her to do the decoration for his wedding too.

Later, Tejas tries to call Roshni but her call is busy and Sayali goes to call her for the wedding Roshni again calls him and tells him everything about her on call and Sayali is just outside the door.

Just then call gets cut and Roshni becomes anxious and thinks that Tejas will end the wedding with her while Vidhya asks her to not think negative.


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