Udne Ki Aasha 4th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 4th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Paresh getting terrified after seeing Renu standing as she has opened the hairs.

After that, Renu switches on the light and asks him what happened so Paresh asks her to tie her hair then Renu tells him that Roshmi did her so good makeup so how could she sleep as it would get ruined?

She tells him that she gave five thousand rupees to Roshmi as she did such a good makeover of her, and then he suggests she to again do it tomorrow.

Then, Renu tells him that she wants to discuss Tejas's wedding with him so Paresh tells her that he wants a simple wedding for Tejas as guests will come then they will pass on negative comments on Tejas.

Renu agrees to him after that he asks her to come along with him to Aaji's house in the village to give Tejas's wedding invitation but she refuses and says that she does not want to go village as Aaji shows arrogance toward her.

She goes to make coffee for him while Roshmi gives a head massage to Tejas after which he tells her that he was fired from his job again.

Roshmi asks him to not worry about it and he says that he will give this news to Renu and Paresh after which she asks him to not tell this thing to them as they are busy with work.

She suggests he to come in parlor at office time and apply for a new job from there after which Tejas tells her that he loves her and he goes from there whereas Vidhya asks her if this behavior of Tejas does not bother her.

Then, Roshmi tells her that she is ignoring his mistakes so that in the future he can also refuse her mistakes and past.

Meanwhile, Sayali makes rangoli and does all the household chores in the early morning which impresses Aaji, and says that she is the perfect match for Sachin.

She compares Sayali with Renu and says that Renu does not have any manners while Sayali knows how to manage things whereas Sachin asks then to get ready for going to the temple.

Later, they go to the temple while Sayali asks the florist near the temple from where he purchased the flowers and how he manages his living.

After that, they go for worship while Joe's daughter food from Akash's restaurant and she talks to him happily without knowing that he is the person who scolded her on the road.

Meanwhile, Aaji acts with Shanti so that Sachin can do pooja along with Sayali which impresses her.

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