Udne Ki Aasha 4th May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 4th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha episode starts with Sayali going to the temple along with Sachin after which Shobha becomes happy to see her there and she asks her to meet Pandit ji in the temple.

Shobha stops Sayali and applies gajra in her head after which Sachin pays money for the garland that he purchased from Shobha's stall but they do not take it then Sachintells them that it is given from the stall so she has to take home.

Sayali is impressed after seeing Sachin's positive gesture he asks Sayali why didn't she help her family in doing the work after which Shobha tells him that she had done a lot for them before the wedding.

After that, Sayali and Sachin go to worship in the temple and Pandit ji praises Sayali in front of Sachin after which he asks Sayali what magic has she done on everyone that they are praising her.

She feels good and says that they know her from childhood that's why Pandit Ji begins with pooja and asks Sachin to put garland on Sayali's neck and the same things does Sayali.

They take blessings of the god after that Pandit ji gives them prasad and Sayali asks for his blessings then Pandit ji gives blessing to both of them as a couple and praises them.

Sachin gives Dakshina but Pandit Ji refuses and says that it isn't required after that they come out and Sachin tells Sayali that due to her he is also receiving a lot of prasial which is making him feel proud.

Sayali tells him that the temple never started without her garlands after which Sachin says that she has stopped her career after marrying him and asks her why she didn't refuse to marry her.

She does not tell him anything after they return home and Paresh asks her if Sachin did pooja along with her or not after which Sachin tells him that Sayali is the star of the temple.

Sachin says that due to this he lost customers today after which Paresh asks him to not take a ride at night and come back house early and take Sayali out for some sometime.

After that, he comes inside the room and starts singing the song after which Sayali starts laughing and says that he sings very badly and she asks him to stop singing.

Sachin tells about an old age singer after which Sayali tells him that she hasn't heard songs of old age after which Sachin mentions her gaze.

Sayali tells him that she didn't watch TV as she was busy with work and she discusses her past life with Sachin who used to wake up early in the morning at four a.m. and complete every household work.

Sachin is surprised to hear that Sayali did so much work after that he praises her while Sayali goes into the kitchen and notices that Renu is cooking after which she lies to Sayali that she is cooking for Shakhu as she isn't fine.

Paresh also asks her why is she cooking then she tells him that she is cooking for Shakhu but Sayali notices her weird behavior and doubts her.

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