Udne Ki Aasha 5th April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 5th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Tejas returning home from the bank after asking whether money has been credited to Paresh’s account or not.

After returning home he tells the same to Paresh and requests him to transfer the money in his account.

Then, Paresh tells him that he already knows about it as he got a message about it after which he gives a checkbook to him and asks him to sign the amount in his name.

Paresh signs the papers and transfers the money in his name while Sachin prays to god and asks Paresh to beware of the fraud that Tejas is going to do.

Renuka gives a weird look to him whereas Sachin goes out on a bike ride along with his friend while Shobha and Sayali do marriage preparation.

Shobha recalls Alok and says that she wants a big photo frame of him after which Sayalu tells her that she will bring a new frame.

Sayali goes for it while Sachin finds a pregnant lady lying on the road and asks for help after which he asks her what happened then she tells him that a thief snatched her bag.

After that, he goes from there behind the goon and takes away the purse from him but due to that Sayali’s father’s photo gets ruined after which she curses him and says that he will never live a peaceful life.

Meanwhile, that lady blesses Sachin whereas Tejas goes to meet Isha and shows her the check which brings a smile to her face while he asks her to pack her bag as they will go Hyderabad tomorrow.

Then, he goes from there where Isha tells her friend that Tejas is a fool after which her friend says that Tejas is mad at her love while Isha tells her that he is not trustworthy because he can leave her too for the money.

Isha says that she is feeling bad for Sayali because she does not have any fault but then also she is being involved in it whereas Aaji comes to Paresh’s house.

Parseh and Sachin welcome her after which she notices that Renuka hasn’t come for her welcome which makes Aaji angry and she asks Paresh to call Renuka.

After that, Renuka comes outside and seeks her blessing while Aaji scolds her for being lazy every time and tells her that now she is going to become mother-in-law so she should learn some manners after which Sachin starts laughing.

Renuka gets angry when Sachin laughs at her Aaji says that Renuka and Paresh do not know how to manage a house and Renuka indirectly tells her that Sayali isn’t bringing enough dowry or another house.

Aaji taunts her and says that she disrespected Paresh her whole life which makes Reuka feel offended and she does not say anything while Aaji keeps on lashing her out and asks her to behave normally now.

After that, Aaji puts a condition that she won’t enter the house unless Renuka decorates it in the welcome of Sayali after which Paresh tells her that he will manage everything.

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