Udne Ki Aasha 5th July 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 5th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sayali waiting for Roshni outside her room so that she can take her to the mandap.

Meanwhile, Renu notices Aaksh and Juhi coming together and she imagines that both of them have been married which makes her anxious.

She starts her drama and asks Shakhu what Shobha has done to her kids while Shakhu wonders what Renu is saying.

Paresh notices Renu murmuring so he asks her what happened after that she tells him the same thing that Aaksh and Juhi have been married to.

Then, Paresh asks her to open her eyes and see and he pinches her hands and Renu comes out of a dream.

She sees that Aaksh and Juhi have come along with garlands in their hand after that she scolds both of them and asks Aaksh why didn’t he bring both the garlands on his own.

Aaksh tells her that the garlands are heavy so he takes the help of Juhi then Renu scolds Juhi and asks her to go from there which hurts Juhi and she goes from there.

Then, Aaksh also comes behind her and asks her to not think about Renu’s word Renu again comes there and scolds her and asks Aaksh to go and bring Tejas so he goes to bring Tejas.

After that, Renu and Shakhu go to bring Roshni and she notices Sayali over there she scolds her for coming in her way and asks her to stay away from Roshni.

Sayali goes from there while Paresh asks her why didn’t she bring Roshni Sayali tells her that Renu is bringing her whereas PA comes in Sachin’s cab to terrify Roshni and Sachin wonders about which girl PA is discussing.

Renu notices that Roshni isn’t ready so she asks her to get ready on time for the wedding she gets ready and comes out after that she notices Tejas over there.

She asks Tejas if he does not have any problem in marrying her then Tejas asks her what happened and he says that he didn’t hear.

Aaji comes there and asks them to talk later while Shobha comes there and she praises Roshni and asks her why her father hasn’t come there so Vidhya lies to her that he is busy with his work.

Tejas says that they will do a video call and show the wedding to him which makes Roshni anxious she starts crying she lies to Renu that her father is not coming because he wants her to marry a rich man.

Renu taunts Shobha and asks Tejas to take care of Roshni and asks him to bring her to mandap for a wedding which makes Roshni feel good.

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