Udne Ki Aasha 5th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 5th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Aaji asking Sachin to go with Sayali for the pooja after which he tells her that Paresh has already done the pooja for them.

Aaji scolds him and asks him to tie Zorvi to Sayali's feet so he does the same after that he goes to see his friends while Sayali asks about this ritual from Aaji.

Then, she tells her the significance of it and says that it gives relief from cramps in periods after that they go for pooja while Pandit ji asks them to make sit three unmarried girls in the pooja.

Sayali says that she will also sit in the pooja after that everyone starts making things about her and Sachin which makes her embarrassed and she goes from there.

Aaji and Shanti come behind her and tries to stop her but she runs away from there while Shanti tells Aaji that she had an idea from starting that there is something wrong between Sachin and Sayali.

Shanti suggests Aaji unite Sachin and Sayali and she asks her to send them to a temple that is a few meters away from their village to lighten up the Diya after worshiping there all the problems between the couples end.

Aaji agrees to her whereas Joe's daughter eats the dosa made by Aaksh and asks about his age from her servant so he tells her that he is of her age then she tries the dish and becomes happy after eating it.

She calls him and thanks for sending so a delicious dish for her and asks him to add it to the menu while she tells him that his wife will be lucky to have him and she exchanges numbers with him so that she can ask for dishes in the future.

Meanwhile, Sayali asks Sachin to come back home as Aaji is calling him but he does not believe which makes her angry then his friends go from there then Sachi scolds her but Aaji comes there and tries to sort out their fight.

Aaji asks Sachin to take Sayali along with him for an outing but she refuses and says that she will go alone then Sachin becomes more angry and goes from there after that Sayali also goes from there.

On the other hand, Roshmi goes to see Vidhya after that she discusses her today's earnings then Tejas also comes there while PA comes there and misbehaves with Roshmi which makes Tejas angry.

Tejas slaps him and throws him out of the house which impresses Roshmi and Vidhya appreciates him after that Roshmi hugs him and starts crying whereas Paresh comes to Aaji's house to invite him to Tejas's wedding.

Sachin receives a call from his friend and they pull his leg for falling in love with Sayali while she brings coconut water for him

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