Udne Ki Aasha 5th May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 5th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Renu cooking food for Tejas in a hurry which creates doubt in Sayali's mind but she does not ask about it from Renu.

She notices that Renu burns her hand after cooking but without complaining while she packs the tiffin and asks Sayali before leaving to clean the utensils and kitchen on time.

On the other hand, Paresh meets Shobha after which she asks for an apology from him regarding Sayali's visit to her home so Paresh tells her that she needs not worry.

He tells Shobha that they have to do something to bring Sachin and Sayali close after which he suggests she call both of them to her house for lunch.

Then, he gives some money to her but she refuses and says that she will manage to do everything and Renu reaches the place where Tejas lives and she notices him involved in gambling which makes her angry.

After that, his friends run away, seeing Renu over there while she asks Tejas why he is involved in such things.

Tejas tells her that he does not have money to eat food so he thinks of doing such things so he can earn some money.

Renu tells him that she is there to look after him and will bring lunch for him every day after that Tejas asks her to bring his degrees so that he can go and search for work.

He tells Renu that he cannot return home otherwise Paresh will scold him and Sachin along with Akash will make fun of him after which Renu assures him that nothing wrong will happen.

Later, Paresh asks Sayali about Renu and she tells him that Renu has gone to Shakhu's house to give her lunch as she isn't well while Paresh says that it's too late so he calls her but her phone is unreachable.

After that, Sayali asks him to call Shakhu but just then Renu reaches home so Paresh asks her where was she after which Renu lies to him that she was at Shakhu's home.

Paresh takes an update about Shakhu and goes from there while Renu scolds Sayali and asks her to stay out of her matters after that she asks her to clean the tiffin box.

Afterwards, Shobha comes to Sayali's house to invite Sayali and Sachin to her house for lunch after which she notices that Sachin is not at home, so Sayali tells her that he leaves for work in the morning and returns at night.

Then, Shobha gives gifts and fruits to Renu but she makes fun of the fruits brought by Shobha which makes Sayali feel offended and she asks Renu to not misbehave with Shobha.

Renu does not listen to her and keeps on lashing her out but Sayali gives her a befitting reply after which Paresh also asks Renu to not argue after that Shobha returns home.

Later, Sachin comes home after which Paresh tells him that Shobha came there to invite him for lunch at his home so Sachin goes with Sayali for lunch at Shobha's house.  

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