Udne Ki Aasha 6th April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 6th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sachin telling Aaji that he has decorated the whole house to welcome the new bride in their house.

Aaji becomes happy and enters the house and asks Renuka to close the door while Tejas notices Aaji.

He greets her but she notices that Tejas is looking sad after which Paresh tells her that he is busy organizing things for his business after which Aaji asks Tejas which business is he going to start.

Sachin murmurs that now Tejas’s truth will come out while Tejas tells her that he is going to start an import and export business.

Aaji does not understand after which Sachin tries to explain to her while Tejas goes from there after which Aaji and Sachin make the rangoli.

Meanwhile, Renuka murmurs that they are so happy as if a rich bride is going to come into their house while Aaji reads her mind and tells them the things that are going on in Renuka’s mind.

Renuka is shocked after which she lies to her that she was admiring the rangoli while Akash brings tea for everyone and Aaji says that she wants Sachin to marry within one year after Tejas’ wedding.

Sachin becomes nervous and says that he won’t marry in his life and he does not even drink the tea and goes from there while Aaji asks Paresh why is Sachin so afraid of marriage.

Paresh asks her to not worry whereas Sayali does worship after which she takes the blessing of Alok which makes everyone emotional and she asks god to send him for just one day.

After that, she starts crying like a baby after which Shobha and Juhi try to console her and tell her that Alok is with them at every moment.

Meanwhile, Sachin reaches to pick up Sayali’s family and he calls Juhi and asks her to come on time after which they go while Sayali recalls everything but before leaving she again back to the house.

Sayali takes Alok’s photo frame along with her at the time of the wedding while Dilip notices Sachin and recalls everything that has happened while Sayali also meets him.

Sachin murmurs about why god shows her face to him every time while Sayali is also about to fight with him after which Shobha asks them to not argue.

Meanwhile, Sachin asks Dilip if he will again steal his car after which Sayali scolds him whereas Shobha asks Sachin to drop them on time.

Sayali tells Juhi that if she was aware that Sachin was going to drop them so she would have canceled the taxi earlier.

On the other hand, Aaji does aarti of Tejas and prays to god to keep Tejas and his wife happy forever after which Tejas thinks about Isha.

Tejas says that he will return in a few minutes as he is going to meet the bank manager for a loan after which Paresh asks him why he needs a loan.

After that, Tejas tells him that he needs more money and he goes from there to Isha’s home and tells her that tomorrow their cheque will get cleared because auditing is going on in the bank.

Isha smirks and sends Tejas back to his house and murmurs that he does not want to see him again while Sayali reaches her wedding location after which Sachin is shocked to see that she is the one who is going to get married to Tejas.

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