Udne Ki Aasha 6th July 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 6th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Tushar asking Sachin to drive fast as he is getting late which makes Sachin angry.

Sachin murmurs that he will teach a lesson to him for having wrong intentions for a woman whereas Renu brings Roshni to mandap for the wedding ceremony.

She is very excited about their wedding and she takes photographs with them while Pandit Ji asks the couple to take blessings of everyone before the rituals begin so they do the things which Pandit Ji asks.

Roshni stares at Sayali and murmurs that Tejas doesn't know her truth but Sayali is standing there so for sure she would have heard everything but why she didn't tell about it to everyone.

She wonders what is going on in her mind after that Tejas and she exchanges garland and she wishes for the wedding to take place early so that no one can say anything.

Meanwhile, Sayali goes to correct the garland but Renu scolds her and asks her to go from there as she does not want her to be in the good things of the family.

Sayali feels bad and she goes from there after that Shobha and Juhi also come behind her and ask what happened but she does not tell them anything whereas Sachin becomes violent with the PA.

He says that he will not leave him for having bad intentions for any last whereas Sayali starts crying then Juhi tells Shobha whatever Renu was saying to her.

Dilip becomes angry and asks why Renu always misbehaves with Sayali he is about to go and ask her but Shobha stops him and says that he does not how to have relationships.

Juhi also becomes angry but Sayali asks both of them to not say anything to them right now as it is an occasion of happiness and she says that when she finds the right time then she will discuss it with them.

Sachin ruthlessly beats Tushar and asks about the lady about whom he was saying whereas Roshni asks Vidhya to go outside and watch if Tushar is coming or not.

Just then, Sachin comes there holding Sayali’s hand and asks Pandit ji to stop the wedding whereas Renu asks him to not interrupt but he yells at her for misbehaving with Sayali.

He tells everything that she said to Sayali which makes Paresh and Aaji angry whereas Akash questions her why is so rude with Sayali even after knowing that she is the one who always looks after the responsibility of the house.

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