Udne Ki Aasha 6th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 6th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sachin arguing with Paresh for doing pooja for Tejas’s wedding as he does not deserve it.

After that, Sayali scolds him and teaches him to be good with everyone which wins everyone’s heart in the house.

Later they go to give the invite to Tejas’s wedding to Pandit ji and do the pooja while Sachin laughs and says that again Tejas will show his real face to everyone.

Aaji scolds him after that she assures Paresh that Tejas will lead a good life after that Sachin starts laughing and says that it is not going to happen ever.

After that, Aaji asks him to take Sayali and show her temple whereas Akash again collides with Joe’s daughter and she asks him to return her money.

Akash tells her that he has given the money to the old lady whom she hit then he goes from there which makes her angry.

Sachin discusses about Tejas with Sayali and says that he is good for nothing and he just wants him to return the money which he took from Paresh.

Sayali asks him to not do such things and to focus on good things after that she asks him to cut coconut for her as she is hungry.

Sachin serves her the coconut and Paresh tells Aaji that after coming to the village Sachin has changed and both Sachin and Sayali are made for each other.

Paresh asks Sachin to forget grudges he has against Tejas and support him as he is going to start a new life with Roshni.

Sachin refuses and says that he does not care for Tejas after which Paresh tries to explain him to not keep so much of hatred against Tejas as he is his big brother.

Paresh also asks Sayali to support this wedding and fulfill her responsibility as she is the first daughter-in-law of his house and he wants her to join him in the wedding.

Sachin says that when Tejas returns the money then he will support him after which Sayali scolds him and asks him to follow the things which Paresh is saying.

Sayali assures Paresh that she will help him in everything related to the wedding as for her his happiness matters which wins Paresh’s heart.

Aaji praises Sayali and says that they have diamond in form of Sayali and says that Sayali will look after the things Paresh also says that his tension will also get reduced now.

Paresh says that he is going back for work after which Sachin says that he will also come but Aaji stops him there and Roshni receives call from her mother and she asks her to talk to her son Krish.

Roshni refuses and becomes worried and says that she wants to forget this for sometime so that she can start a new life after that she goes for wedding rituals at Paresh’s house.

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