Udne Ki Aasha 6th May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 6th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sayali and Sachin going to Shobha’s house for lunch after which Sachin stops the bike in mid and asks Sayali to bring a Gajra for herself.

Sachin tells her that Paresh asked him to buy a gajra for her after which he also goes to buy it for her while the shopkeeper admires Sayali and Sachin as a couple.

After that, they come back while Shobha asks Juhi to clean the whole house and she prepares the lunch for them on time.

Sayali instructs Sachin to not drink alcohol in front of Shobha and Juhi after which Sachin argues with her and says that he will drink it anytime whenever he wants after which Sayali scolds him.

She tells him that he can drink it but later on after that they go to Shobha’s house Juhi does a warm welcome of both of them and she asks for a gift from Sachin so he offers her a bundle of money.

Juhi becomes happy and says that next time, she will do his aarti after that they enter the house and Sayali remembers Alok after which Sachin also joins hands in front of his photo.

Then, Shobha asks Dilip to bring a chair for Sachin so that he can sit comfortably, and they give so much respect to Sachin while one aunty comes there and asks why the color of the groom has been changed.

Sachin stares at her and clarifies to her that Sayali’s wedding was fixed with his brother, but he left her in between so he married her after which Sayali’s friend asks the aunty to not ask such type of questions.

Meanwhile, Dilip tells Sayali that he is going for the trip as he has paid for the fees after which Sachin goes to the washroom then Sayali asks Dilip how he managed to pay the fees.

Dilip tells her that he met Sachin on the way when he came to meet her and he asked him why is he so sad after which he told him everything and Sachin offered him the money.

He tells Sayali that he refused to take the money but Sachin insists on taking money, so he takes it from him and clarifies to Sayali that he is going on a trip with Sachin’s money.

Dilip praises Sachin in front of Sayali and says that he is a good person after which Sayali thinks about him and she stares at him while he is setting his hair.

Later, Sachin brings fish for dinner at Sayali’s house, and ladies near Shobha’s home praise him and say that Sayali is blessed to have a husband like him who cares for her family a lot.

Meanwhile, Sachin enters in house and tells Sayali and Shobha that he has bought fish but Shobha tells him that today is Tuesday so they don’t eat it on Tuesday.

Sayali scolds him after which Sachin goes to return it but Sayali’s aunt stops him and says that she will cook it for Sachin so Shobha agrees to cook it for Sachin along with her.  

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