Udne Ki Aasha 7th April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 7th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Juhi giving a taxi fare to Sachin but he refuses to take it and asks Sayali why is she marrying Tejas.

Sayali asks him what is his problem but he does not say anything and asks Juhi to buy a wedding gift from the taxi fare and he goes from there.

Meanwhile, Shobha says that he is a weird man after which Sayali asks her to not think about him whereas Sudhakar comes there along with his goons.

His men assure him that they will not let Sayali marry any other man while Sayali recalls Alok and offers flowers to his photo frame after which Shobha and Juhi also come there.

On the other hand, Paresh calls Sachin and asks him to look after the food and guests after which Sachin tells to him that guests can manage on their own as they are not kids.

Parseh tells him that they are going to become their relative so they must look after them after which Sachin goes into the kitchen and tastes the food that is being prepared.

Sachin praises the cook while the cook asks him to take the haldi with him for the ritual after which Sachin goes out along with the haldi but by mistake it falls on Sayali's feet by his hand and he also gets messed up with the haldi.

Sayali gets angry over him while Shobha asks her to focus on Haldi whereas Renuka comes in the Haldi along with Shakuntala and praises Tejas but demeans Sayali.

Sakuntala asks Renuka to not say anything whereas Aaji tells Paresh that she is happy to see Tejas's wife which makes Renuka angry.

After that, they go inside and Shobha welcomes them whereas Paresh introduces his family to Shobha's family after which Shobha tells Aaji that Paresh bhai always tells about his family members to her.

Renuka murmurs that Paresh is very bad as he didn't tell anything about her to Sayali's family whereas Shobha asks about Tejas and mentions him as her son-in-law after which Renuka tries to insult her.

Unfortunately, Renuka's intent gets heavy over her as Aaji demeans her for trying to insult Shobha after that they go inside to meet Sayali while Juhi goes to bring Sayali.

Sayali comes outside while Aaji gets mesmerized to see her and is about to fall but Sayali saves her from falling after which Sayali takes her blessings.

Aaji says that Tejas is lucky to have a wife like Sayali and she regrets not attending the sakharpura ceremony after which Paresh tells him that they didn't do that ceremony.

Renuka tries to justify after which Aaji yells at her and asks her to be responsible after which Renuka tells Shakuntala that Sayali has started manipulating other family members.

Meanwhile, Shakuntala goes to see Sayali along with Renuka and asks Sayali to go to the parlour and have a makeover after which Renu taunts Sayali and says that she does not want guests to make fun of the bride.

Juhi calls Sachin and asks him to come because they have to go to the parlour after which he asks them to wait for ten minutes while Sudhakar's goons inform him that Sayali is going to the parlour along with Juhi.    

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