Udne Ki Aasha 7th July 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 7th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Aaji asking Sayali to stand in between and perform the rituals otherwise this marriage won't take place while Paresh also agrees with her.

Sayali looks at Sachin while Aaji asks her to give Mangal sutra to Tejas and Pandit asks Sayali to tie the knot while Renu argues then Paresh asks her to stay out of the things then Shakhu asks Renu to not argue.

Paresh asks Sachin to stand along with Sayali as a married couple so he goes and stands beside Sayali after that pheras takes place and Aaji asks Pandit ji to give the thaal to Sayali so that she can participate in the rituals.

Renu becomes angry whereas Tejas ties Mangal sutra to Roshni's neck and applies vermillion on her forehead which irritates Renu but she cannot do anything after that marriage takes place successfully.

They take blessings from everyone and Renu thanks god and becomes happy while Sachin makes a weird face seeing her fake happiness and he indirectly taunts him.

Roshni thanks Vidhya for supporting her every time whereas Aaji says that today only she has to return to the village as crops are being sown in the field and she has to look after them otherwise they will get ruined.

Paresh says that he will also go along with her but Aaaji asks him to stay along with the family and she asks Akash to drop her and Geeta whereas Renu bitches about Sayali to Shakhu and she asks Renu to not misbehave with Sayali.

Renu says that she will find a rich girl for Aaksh too and she will kick her out of the house as soon as possible while Paresh asks her to come for the pooja.

Pandit J gives special treatment to Sayali and Sachin which makes him feel good and after that, they go back to the house, and Renu again bitches about Sayali and taunts her that after she has become a part of their family everything is being ruined.

Sachin is about to give her an answer but Sayali stops him after that Renu goes over o and tries to be extra sweet with Roshni and Tejas to show off in front of Sayali and Sachin.

Suddenly, Roshni's ankle falls from her leg and Renu stops her after that Sayali asks her to give it to her so that she can fix it but Renu refuses then Sayali tells her that it is not a good sign.

After that, Sayali take the anklet and fixes it while Sachin taunts Renu and asks her to decide who is the real big mistake in their family whether Sayali or Roshni.

Later, Roshni and Tejas come inside the house and Renu asks Sayali to brings milk mixed with Badam and Kesar powder but Sayali tells her that it has been finished.

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