Udne Ki Aasha 7th May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 7th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sachin coming home after drinking alcohol which makes Sayali anxious after that he meets Shobha and other members normally which surprises Sayali.

Shobha offers a chair to Sachin but he says that he won't sit on a chair and he sits on the floor along with them after that Sayali's aunt asks Sachin to stay there for four days.

Sachin tells her that he will be staying there only for today and return to work tomorrow after that Aunt asks Sachin to send Sayali to help Shobha with work after which Sachin says that Sayali can come whenever she wants to come.

Sayali is impressed to see Sachin's nice gesture with her family and she murmurs that he never behaves well with her but is treating her family very well.

After that, Sayali tells Shobha that she will serve dinner to Sachin in the room as he is habitual of eating alone after which Sachin says that he wants to eat along with them in the hall.

Everyone says that they should give some personal time to Sachin and Sayali and let them spend some time but Sachin says that he wants to eat along with them.

Then, all of them sit together and have dinner while Sachin likes the fish Shobha tells him that Sayali cooked it after which he praises Sayali which makes her feel good.

Later, Sayali stands alone in the hall after which Sachin also comes there then Sayali asks him why he didn't drink alcohol today after which Sachin tells her that for the first time, he felt good and different in life that's why he didn't drink.

Sachin says that today he did overeat as he enjoyed spending time which makes Sayali feel good after telling her that he never felt so good at his own house.

Sayali thanks him after which she turns around and expresses her feelings after that she notices that Sachin isn't there so she murmurs that Sachin can never change.

After that, Sayali goes to the room and notices Sachin changing clothes after which he asks her to knock before coming to the room but Sayali scolds him for ordering every time.

Then, Sachin praises Sayali for her cooking skills and says that after Aaji she is the one whose food he likes the most which makes Sayali feel special.

She offers water to him but it slips from Sachin's hand Sayali is about to fall but Sachin saves him from falling.

Till then, Sayali's friend called her after which Sachin and she came out and her friends ask Sayali why she hadn't she told her that Sachin was acting too after that they were on the TV and show the telecast of the show in which Sachin acted.

Sachin says that he did acting on that day because his friend was absent after that Sayali's friend asks him to pursue his career in acting but he refuses whereas Sudhakar again decides to bring Sayali into his life.

Meanwhile, Sayali complains to Shobha that Sachin does things as per Paresh's will but he does not listen to her anytime after which Shobha asks her to give some time to him.

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