Udne Ki Aasha 8th April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 8th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sudhakar sending his man to bring Sayali in place of Sachin.

Juhi gets a call from that man after which Shobha sends Swati and Neelam along with Sayali to the parlor.

Just then, Sachin reaches there and calls Juhi after which he asks her to send Sayali which creates confusion in Juhi’s mind.

She goes downstairs to see after which she gets to know that Sayali has gone in a different taxi after which she gets worried.

Sachin mocks Sayali and says that no one can kidnap her because she is so daring that no one can ever touch her.

Meanwhile, Juhi tells Shobha about this after which Shobha gets worried and prays to god to take care of Sayali.

Shobha and Juhi ask Sachin to go and find Sayali after which he goes to find her whereas Paresh tells Renuka that Tejas is about to come so they should inform Shobha to get ready for his welcome.

Renuka yells at him and says that the bride’s family should look after these things on their own after which Shakuntala says that she will inform Shobha about it.

Shakuntala asks Renuka to be happy and stop dreaming about a rich daughter-in-law because such rich people are selfish and she will also suffer from the same things that happened with Shakuntala.

Just then, Tejas comes there after which Shobha comes along with aarti thaal and does his aarti whereas Aaji asks Shobha to look after the shaakharupra ceremony.

Shobha goes for the arrangements while Tejas intentionally selects the room with a large window so that he can escape from there.

Paresh asks Tejas why he chose this room after which Tejas lies to him that he was comfortable with this room that’s why he wants to stay there.

Then, Paresh asks him to adjust to the things that he has whereas Sachin collides with the taxi in which Sayali is there after which he notices that Sayali is in Sudhakar’s taxi.

Sachin asks Sayali to come out of the taxi but Sayali says that she won’t come out at any cost and asks him not to pester her.

After that, Sachin receives a call from Juhi and she asks if Sayali sat in his taxi or not after which Juhi asks Sayali to go in Sachin’s cab.

Sayali comes out of the cab and sits inside Sachin’s cab while the other cab driver asks for the money from Sachin after which he handovers him a hundred rupees and goes from there.

Just then, the cab driver receives a call from Sudhakar and he asks the driver where is Sayali after which he tells him that Sayali has gone along with another cab driver.

Sudhakar gets angry and thinks of another idea, whereas Juhi argues with Akash in the wedding hall.

Later, Sayali comes out of the parlor while Sachin is mesmerized to see her in a bridal dress and he keeps on staring at her after which Sayali comes and sits inside the cab. 

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