Udne Ki Aasha 8th July 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 8th July 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sachin taunting Renu and Tejas after which Renu asks Paresh to scold Sachin so he asks Sachin to not say anything.

After that, Sayali brings fruits for them, and Renu asks her why didn't she bring tea so Sayali says that only she asked her to not touch the things without her permission.

Sachin stares at Renu while she taunts Sayali and says that now all the negative energies will go away from the house which hurts Sayali.

Renu asks Sayali to bring something chilled for Roshni and Shakhu notices that Roshni is sweating after that Renu asks Sayali to increase the speed of the fan.

Tejas suggests to Renu that they should bring an A.C. in their house while Sachin taunts him then Renu asks Tejas to drink milk and keep half of it for Roshni.

After that, Vidhya asks Roshni to not think about Tushar while the inspector comes over there and asks for Sachin Renu says that today also Sachin is creating chaos in the family on the occasion of a wedding.

The inspector asks Sachin how many drives he has taken today after that he shows a photo of Tushar to him and Sachin tells him that he came in his cab and he had bad intentions for a girl which provoked his anger.

Sachin says that's why he couldn't control his anger and ruthlessly beat her whereas Renu asks the Inspector if he has come there to arrest Sachin the Inspector says that he has come there for an inquiry.

He asks him if he knows about the girl whom he was talking about then Sachin says that he isn't aware of it after that inspector says that for further inquiry he will be calling him for further information.

Later, the call gets connected and the constable calls the last dialed number which is Roshni and everyone asks her if she knows him then Roshni lies to them that he was calling her again and again for an appointment.

Renu becomes tense when the inspector says that for further things Roshni will also be required to come there and Sachin says that there is something wrong with Roshni.

Vidhya says that a few things happen coincidentally while Renu taunts Sachin for it then he yells at her after which Shakhu asks them to proceed with further rituals and Sachin along with Aakash goes for their work.

After that, other rituals take place, and Vidhya asks Roshni to thank Sachin as indirectly he helped her while Roshni tells Renu that she is blessed to have a mother like her.

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