Udne Ki Aasha 8th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 8th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sachin telling about his farming to Sayali and she becomes excited to see the live farming and insists Sachin take her on the farm.

Sachin takes her to the field and tells her the procedure of sowing the seeds after that they enjoy muddy water and come back from there and Sachin shows his school to Sayali and tells her that that they used to play thief and police over there.

Sayali pulls his leg and says that he used to be the thief for sure which makes Sachin offended and he asks her why is she saying this after that she tells him that he is interested in fighting that's why she assumed it.

Later, they go to eat mango by plucking it from the tree and run away from there as the owner of the field comes there after that Sayali asks Sachin why Renu and Paresh sent him alone at Aaji's house to study in childhood.

Sachin asks her to not question about this thing from him after that his bike punctures and Sayali meets Krish over there he takes Sachin and Sayali to his house and they meet Krish's aaji.

Krish's Aaji sits along with Sayali and Sachin while Roshni calls her then Krish's Aaji asks her why she called her then Roshni asks her if she cannot call her then she asks her to give the phone to Krish.

Krish gets angry over Roshni as she does not talk to him when he calls her after which Sayali asks him to talk to her so he talks a little and returns the phone while Aaji asks Roshni to come village for pooja.

Roshni refuses and says that she won't be coming there and asks her to do all the pooja on her own while Sayali and Sachin go from there and Renu asks about the pension money from him.

Paresh says that they need money right now and he does not want to become a burden on Sachin as he works day and night to earn money while Renu says that Tejas has also started earning and will also give money to them.

On the other hand, Sachin asks Aaji to give him some lukewarm water for bathing while Tejas tells Renu that he has lost his job too which makes Renu angry and she asks him when Roshni will get to know about it then what will be her reaction.

Tejas tells her that she does not have any issue with it while Sachin again argues with Sayali which breaks her heart and she goes into the room after Aaji asks her to not take Sachin's word seriously.

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