Udne Ki Aasha 8th May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 8th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Sayali bringing milk for Sachin after which he refuses to drink it but Sayali asks him to have it.

Later, Sachin asks Sayali if she wants to sleep along with Shobha and Juhi then she can sleep along with them but Sayali says that she will sleep with him.

Then, Sachin thanks her for making a good dinner for him and he says that he made a good decision to come there as he felt good by coming there.

Sachin tells her that he felt peaceful by coming to her house and he says that Renu never loves him the way Shobha loves her which breaks Sayali's heart.

Sayali asks her why Renu misbehaves with him and Paresh after which Sachin asks her if she is trying to make him feel bad by asking it then Sayali tells him that she does not have any wrong intentions.

Then, Sachin tells her that Renu never loved him the way a mother loves her kids after which Sayali asks for the reason then Sachin tells her that Renu belongs to a good family while Paresh isn't well educated which makes Renu feel embarrassed.

He says that it is the reason that always creates chaos in their family and will keep on going forever after that he says that Paresh is next to god for him.

Just then, Sudhakar comes there and misbehaves with Shobha and Juhi while they ask him to leave their house but he does not go after that Sayali also comes there.

Sudhakar becomes happy to see her there and asks her if she has come alone then Sayali asks him if he wants to get beaten ruthlessly again.

Meanwhile, Sudhakar misbehaves with her after which Sachin comes to Sayali's defense and fights with Sudhakar and gives him a warning to never show his face to him.

After that, he goes from there while Shobha thanks Sachin for protecting them while Renu calls Tejas and asks if he had dinner or not after which Tejas asks her to not worry about him.

Renu asks him what he wants to eat tomorrow after which Tejas says that he does not want to have anything and does not want to become a burden over her.

Then, Renu tells him that she is his mother so it is her responsibility to look after him so Tejas asks him to make chicken curry for him while Paresh comes there after which Renu changes her tone and behaves like she is talking with Shakhu.

Paresh asks her to give him the phone because he wants to talk to Shakhu while Tejas cuts the call after which Paresh says that he will talk to her in the morning.

Later, on the next day, Shobha gives a gift to Sachin before he leaves for home while Renu prepares chicken for Tejas but she lies to Paresh that she is making it for Shakhu.

Before returning home Sachin gets involved in an argument with a goon and asks him to not misbehave with Sayali which makes her feel special.

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