Udne Ki Aasha 9th April 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 9th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sachin bringing Sayali back from the parlor while Akash meets Juhi and talks to her.

Renuka notices it and murmurs that Juhi is manipulating Akash so that she can marry him while Shakuntala asks her to not think such things.

Meanwhile, Tejas receives a call from Isha and she tells him that she is coming to his marriage after which he becomes anxious and asks her to not come.

Isha does not listen to him and cuts the call while Paresh meets Akash and asks him to call Sachin because he hasn’t come back.

Akash asks him to call on his own because he has some work to do after which Paresh calls Sachin and asks him to come on time after which Sachin assures him that he will return on time.

Meanwhile, he stops the car and brings the alcohol for himself, and tells Sayali that he will drink it later on after which he plays a sad song.

Sayali’s friend asks what kind of song he is playing after which argues with them and drops Sayali at the location.

He pulls Sayali’s leg saying that after coming from the parlour no one will recognize her after which Sayali shows his eyes while he goes from there.

Paresh comes out and notices Sayali and prays to god for Sayali while Kishor calls Aaji after which she comes there and praises Sayali.

Shobha also becomes happy to see Sayali after which Akash also praises her while Aaji does Sayali’s aarti and asks Paresh to call Renuka.

Renuka says that she won’t come and does not do Sayali’s aarti after which Shakuntala forces her to do the part and brings her into the hall.

Aaji scolds Renuka in front of everyone while other people start laughing after which Renuka does Sayali’s aarti and makes a weird face.

Then, Aaji asks Paresh if the government has applied a tax on smiling also to taunt Renuka after which she laughs intentionally and is about to go from there.

Aaji stops her and asks Renuka to take Sayali inside the hall with love after which Renuka does acting but again Aaji lashes her out in front of everyone.

She asks Renuka to hug Sayali after which Renuka hugs Sayali and welcomes her but Aaji asks her to kiss Sayali’s forehead.

Renuka does everything that Aaji asks after which they go to start the saakarpura ritual while Paresh whispers in Aaji’s ears that only she can handle Renuka.

Meanwhile, Juhi praises Sayali’s beauty and they miss Alok after which Akash comes there while Juhi is about to introduce him to Sayali.

Then, he says that he will introduce himself after which he tells everything to her, and he also that Juhi was praising her in front of him.

Renuka notices Akash laughing along with Sayali’s family after which she calls him and scolds him for roaming here and there.

Shobha asks Sayali to sit and rest while Paresh comes there and asks Shobha to bring Sayali onto the stage so they go for the rituals.

Renuka starts the ceremony by offering gifts to Sayali but Tejas is busy on his phone which creates doubt in Sayali’s mind.    

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