Udne Ki Aasha 9th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 9th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial episode starts with Sachin asking Sayali to accompany him to his friend's house after that she says that she will get bored.

After that, she asks him to drop her at Krish's house so he drops her over there Krish becomes happy to see her there and makes her meet his Aaji.

Sayali sits along with her after which she tells her that Krish does not get comfortable with anyone but he has started liking her then Sayali asks her if she has done pooja for her daughter's wedding.

Then, Aaji tells her that today she will go for it and soon she will go to the city to meet her daughter whereas Joe's daughter again orders food from Akash's restaurant and he tells her that she is his favorite customer.

Meanwhile, Sayali discusses her and Sachin's story before marriage and how they both used to fight due to misunderstandings after that Aaji asks her how she got married to Sachin but Krish comes over there and asks Sayali to play along with him.

Sayali goes to play with him while Krish is about to meet with an accident by hitting a car but Sayali saves him and she gets hurt after that Aaji and Sachin come over there.

Sachin runs behind the car and beats the man who hit Sayali after which those people realize their mistake and say that they will ask for an apology from Sayali.

On the other hand, Juhi meets Akash and she asks him when he is going to open his restaurant then he tells her about everything and his favorite customer.

Meanwhile, Sachin scolds those men for their mistake while Sayali gets impressed by the caring nature of Sachin and he asks Sayali if she is fine then Aaji tells him that Sayali has twisted her leg.

Sachin applies his Aaji technique to look after Sayali's leg and asks her to trust him and he applies cream on it by keeping her leg on his lap.

Later, he scolds her for not taking care of herself after that Aaji tells Sachin that she saved Krish otherwise he would have come under the car.

Then, Sachin goes to the hospital along with her while Akash discusses his customer with Juhi and she tells him that soon she will propose to him but Aaksh does not believe in her.

At night, Sachin brings Sayali back to the house and Aaji the treatment of her feet so that she can get relief from pain while Sayali discusses about sweet gesture of Sachin with Aaji and Seema.

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