Udne Ki Aasha 9th May 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 9th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Udne Ki Aasha serial's episode starts with Shobha asking Sayali to take fruits along with her but she refuses after which Sayali's friend comes running to her.

Sayali asks her what happened after which she tells her that Sachin is fighting with someone because he just said that Tejas was more smart than Sachin which provoked his anger.

Shobha becomes worried and she goes to see Sachin while Sachin ruthlessly beats that man the owner of the chawl also comes there and asks Sachin to not fight.

Sachin does not listen to him and in anger, he slaps him too after which he goes from there along with his wife while Shobha and Sayali also go behind them and ask for an apology from him but he refuses and says that he will let her know what he will do.

Then, Shobha asks Sachin to stop after which he tells her that the man was abusing him in front of everyone which makes him feel bad.

Meanwhile, Sayali goes away from there after which Shobha also comes behind her and asks her what happened so Sayali tells her that she cannot adjust to him.

Sayali says that Sachin is very weird and he is a moody person so she cannot live along with him after which Shobha takes a stand for Sachin and says that he is not wrong at his place.

Sachin asks Juhi to call Sayali but she refuses to go from there after which Shobha murmurs that things are not happening smoothly and she thinks of an idea to remove the distance between them.

Shobha tries to convince Sayali to go along with Sachin but Sayali says that she does not want to live with him and she does not go so Shobha requests her after which Sayali gets up.

Juhi assures Sayali that nothing wrong will happen with her but Sayali starts crying and goes running from there after which Shobha meets Sachin and she requests Sachin to not get angry over Sayali.

Sachin agrees to her after which they return to Deshmukh's house while Renu checks Tejas's certificate and decides to take it along with her.

Renu secretly goes out of the house along with Tejas's documents and she wonders why Tejas does not have pocket money to manage his expenses.

She thinks of asking for money from Paresh but she recalls that Paresh will ask her so many questions after which he comes there then she asks about his pension money.

Paresh tells her that it will take some time to get sanctioned whereas Sachin asks Sayali why is she scolding him instead of noticing the fact that the man was demeaning him.

Sayali asks him why he slapped his house owner after which Sachin tells him that he was angry and that's why he slapped him after that he asks Sayali to not ask further questions.

Renu hides after seeing Sachin and Sayali while Paresh asks Sayali and Sachin how they felt in Shobha's house after which Sachin tells him that he felt like a king in Shobha's house as he received a lot of respect.

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