Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 10th March 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 10th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 10 March 2024 episode starts with Mahima bringing the mental clinic staff to Karun to catch him and take him with them.

Meanwhile, Karun runs from them and attacks them by throwing various things at them.

After that, he escapes from the room biting at the hand of one of the compounders.

There, Kashvi is stuck in traffic and worries that she has to reach Karun soon and inform Arjun about it as she can't trust Mahima.

She prays to god to keep Karun safe until she reaches him.

On the other hand, Karun continues to save himself by getting caught and hiding in the bathroom taking Mahima's phone.

Further, he calls Kashvi but she can't pick up his call as her phone is on silent so Karun throws the phone angrily.

After that, Mahima and the compounders understand that Karun is hidden in the bathroom so Mahima tries to call him out but when he doesn't open the door.

Mahima orders the compounders to break the door which makes Karun scared.

After that, Karun opens the heightened window of the bathroom and stands on its edge to jump off through it.

Meanwhile, Kashvi comes there and receives Arjun's call who asks her to once tell him that Karun is fine after checking on him, while Kashvi assures him.

Just then, she sees Karun at the window edge and screams and also tells Arjun the same so he rushes to the home.

There, Kashvi asks Karun to go inside and not stand on the edge of the window but Karun jumps off the window as Mahima and the compounders come inside to catch him.

However, Kashvi catches Karun on the time when he falls and asks Karun why he jumped and then sees Mahima in the window.

Meanwhile, Mahima gets scared seeing Kashvi as she won't leave her for what she did, then Kashvi comes inside the house with a frightened Karun and confronts Mahima for her deed.

She asks her how can she let Karun jump out of the window and why she didn't try to save him, while Mahima says that Karun got violent again and locked himself in the bathroom, thus she even broke the bathroom door to reach him.

After that, she says that she even talked with a psychiatrist about Karun's treatment and wants to take him there.

Meanwhile, Kashvi notices the compounders with the badge of a mental health clinic and understands Mahima's plan.

Further, Kashvi asks the compounders to reveal who called them there and if they lie she'll take strict action against them being a civil service officer.

After that, the co-founder reveals how Mahima has called them here to take Karun and treat him the way they want even to use shock therapy.

This makes Kashvi angry and she slaps Mahima for doing this to Karun even being his mother, while Mahima defends herself by saying that she is Karun's mother and knows what's right for him so Kashvi shouldn't question her as she isn't even the mother.

Further, she asks Karun to come to her but Karun is scared so Kashvi decides to take Karun with her stating Karun is rejecting Mahima's touch.

Just then, Arjun comes and thanks Kashvi for saving Karun while Kashvi states she'll take Karun with her, to which Mahima threatens her to take legal action.

After that, Arjun requests Kashvi to stay in Bajwa's house and states here no one can legally trouble her hinting at Mahima angrily.

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