Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 11th January 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 11th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th January 2024 episode starts with Kashvi telling Dadi that she still loves Arjun but she does not want to come between Arjun and Mahima's wedding.

Dadi tells her that she does not want Arjun to come into her life again so she wants her to marry someone else but Kashvi asks her whom she should marry so Dadi suggests her marry Aditya.

Kashvi tells her that it will be wrong with Aditya because she does not love Aditya so she tells Dadi to not force her to marry and she goes from there.

Later on the next day, Aditya tells his trainee that organ selling racket is happening in the city so they have to expose them while Arjun shows interest in that mission but Aditya tells Arjun and Vishal that they both will not be part of this mission because they both become unprofessional while working.

Vishal asks for an apology from Aditya and asks him to give his last chance so Aditya allows him to give him a last chance but does not allow Arjun so Kashvi comes there saying that Arjun also deserves one chance.

She takes Aditya outside and asks him to give equal opportunity to everyone and she tells him that it is under her authority so she will decide whom she has to keep in her mission or not.

Meanwhile, Karun tells Mahima that Arjun has gone on a mission which makes Mahima surprised and he wonders how Aditya can allow Arjun for the mission.

Kashvi gives instructions to the trainees whereas Mahima keeps on calling Vishal so he scolds her and asks her to stay away from him but she asks him if Arjun is also going on a mission.

Vishal gives her each detail because she forces him to give the details so he agrees to her and sends the location whereas after some time, Kashvi and her team reach the factory and ask the trainees to focus on the mission.

They go inside and Kashvi asks the police to arrest the workers and collect the cough syrup bottle so the owner of the factory comes there asking what Kashvi is doing there.

She tells him that they have proof against them that they are involved in illegal work but the owner tells her that she is making a mistake by sealing the factory but she asks the constable to arrest him.

Later on, she reaches jail and scolds the owner of the factory but he argues with her which provokes Kashvi's anger and she slaps him.

Aditya calls Kashvi and asks if she is fine or not then she tells him that everything is fine there and she cuts the call whereas Kashvi reads the forensic report in which it is mentioned that there is not any lead in cough syrup.

The owner recalls that Mahima informed him earlier that's why he kept all the good syrups there and removed those which contain lead whereas Kashvi tells the inspector that they have to do the investigation again.

Meanwhile, the owner asks her to leave him and his team so the inspector removes him from jail while the owner threatens Kashvi saying that he can file a case against her for demeaning him.

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