Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 11th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 11th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th May 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th May 2023 episode starts with the host inviting Samrat onto the stage to announce the results of the fashion competition.

Samrat takes the mic in his hand and as soon as he starts speaking, Nayantara rushes towards the stage while her heartbeats keep palping.

However, Nayantara is stunned to find Pradyuman on the stage and he announces Jaina Garments as the winner.

She contemplates Samrat’s voice and calls it to be her imagination wiping sweat from her face.

Nayantara loses the comepetition!

While, Rimola, Kashvi and Bhaisahab are upset over their loss in the competition but Mahima beams with happiness as Pradyuman is finally there.

Her eyes are fixed on Pradyuman as she swoons at his charm.

As Pradyuman leaves from the competition, Mahima follows her back but falls as the mob runs behind him.

Mahima tries picking up her phone while a lady steps on her hand.

Further, Arjun puts his hand over Mahima’s to save her from getting hurt and is lost in admiring her beauty.

However, Kashvi also puts her hand over Arjun’s as another person is about to step on his hand.

She admires Arjun who is still lost in looking at Mahima.

On the other hand, Rimola taunts Nayan for wasting money in the competition.

She calls her out for making them hope for a beautiful store in the mall but now all their dreams are shattered in a moment.

Further, Rimola, furiously tells everyone that from now onwards, they will be managing their finances separately.

She announces the separation of all the resources between her and Nayan’s family.

Nayan tries pacifying her but receives only backlash from Rimola.

Frustrated with Rimola’s harsh words, Kashvi voices her opinion against Rimola’s brash attitude.

She tells the family that Jaina’s victory was already fixed as she snooped on the conversation when Jaina’s owner was stating about his social networks.

Kashvi rushes out to meet Samrat to make him realise his cheating attitude in the competition.

Meanwhile, Samrat, holding Nayan’s photo frame, is emotionally thinking about whether he will be ever able to meet his beloved family.

Kashvi and Samrat MEETS again!

Samrat is shocked to find a drenched Kashvi on his doorstep.

Kashvi tells him that he needs to answer a few of her questions and seeks his permission to enter inwards.

She bashes Samrat for hurting her mother as she tells him about the efforts Nayan has put in for the exhibition.

Irritated Kashvi tells him that she heard Jaina’s owner being assured of winning the competition because of his better networking.

Kashvi, not in the mood to hear Samrat, tells him that she assumed him to be a man of principles but he turned out to be the same as everyone else.

She keeps on sneezing but continues blabbering taking Nayan’s side.

However, Samrat offers her tissues and medicine as her cough gets worse.

Kashvi refuses the medicine while Samrat tells her that she should take the medicine for her mother’s sake.

He assures her that he was unaware of the behind the scene discrepancy in the results and makes her believe that if her mother is deserving enough then he will make sure that she gets the shop in the mall.

Unable to control her happiness but hides them from Samrat while he asks her to believe him.

Samrat offers Kashvi to let her driver drop her off while she asks him his name.

He jokes with Kashvi to call him Mr. Whatever as the name suits him.

Kashvi nods with him and is about to leave but Samrat stops her and tells her that she is far richer than him as she has the precious relationship of a mother-daughter in her life.

In the meantime, Nayan is counting money while Mahima passes by and thinks of manipulating Nayantara to get the money for buying a new phone for herself.

She walks into the room faking tears in her eyes and tells Nayan that she feels helpless as her phone is broken.

Mahima, emotionally manipulating, Nayan tells her that all her projects are on her phone and now she has lost all her data and her future is at stake now.

Nayan is in a dilemma to give the money to Mahima or keep it for Kashvi’s coaching.

In the meantime, Maaji enters the room and gifts a saree to Nayantara calling it to be her right, and jokes about Romila’s irritating behaviour.

Nayantara decides to give the money to Mahima as she feels like Mahima deserves everything more than Kashvi.

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