Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 12th June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 12th June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th June 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th June 2023 episode starts with Romila asking Arjun to tell the technician to play the video.

Romila manipulates Arjun and he agrees with Romila to let the technician play the video.

Meanwhile, Kashvi asks Mahima to open the door and come out as everyone is waiting for her for the Jaimala.

Kashvi decides to get someone to help her in opening the door and returns to the hall.

Elsewhere, Romila asks the technician to play the video and remembers how she exchanged the pen drives by diverting the technician's attention.

Romila gets excited seeing her plan working out like she wanted to embarrass Nayan and just then Samrat and Nayan's video starts playing on the projector.

Samrat and Nayan are shocked to see themselves on the projector while everyone turns toward them.

Romila starts demeaning Nayan and instigates Maaji against her while blaming Nayan for having an extramarital affair with Samrat.

Aruna seeks the opportunity to insult Nayan for the other day and taunts Nayan for being a widowed mother and calls her disgusting for romancing the other man.

Samrat turns furious and warns her to speak against Nayan otherwise the repercussions will be outright serious.

He claims that he loves Nayan and wanted to propose to her for marriage in a stern voice in front of everyone.

Samrat tells everyone that he has been loving her for a while by rubbing off the claims that they have committed a mistake.

Maaji scolds Samrat to stop saying anything and bashes Samrat for backstabbing her while she rebukes Nayan for ruining the family's name in society.

She tells Nayan to get away as she does not even want to look at her face while Nayan sobs heavily.

Kashvi defends Nayan reminding Maaji that even Nayan is a living human and can have her chance to live her life.

Further, Kashvi mocks Aruna for demeaning Nayan as she tells her that Nayan has all the right to think about herself and giving a chance to relive her life as she wants.

Kashvi tells Maaji that she sees no wrong in Samrat proposing to Nayan for marriage as she already knew about their proposal and shocks everyone by saying that she has accepted their relationship wholeheartedly.

Maaji bashes Kashvi for standing quietly as she is very young for these sensitive issues but Kashvi tells Maaji that she feels that they are very small considering their thinking.

Aruna taunts Kashvi but Kashvi cuts her in between telling her that she will stand by her mother and will do anything for Nayan's happiness by approving Samrat as her life partner.

Kashvi tells Nayan that she needs to get everything that she deserves in her life assuring her support to Nayan.

Romila scolds Kashvi for thinking about Nayan's wedding but Kashvi tells her that if it was her father in Nayan's place then he must have been wedded off without the gap of these long 20 years.

Kashvi tells everyone why should they let go of a chance if Nayan is getting a chance to be happy after all these years.

She tells Maaji that Mahima and she will be married in some time then how will Nayan spend her life all alone.

Kashvi tells Maaji to think about Nayan's sacrifice that she did all her life without thinking about herself. 

Nitya tells Kashvi that they need to think about the society they are part of and not only consider their happiness and wishes.

She tells Kashvi that their family reputation is aligned with theirs and she cannot let her family be a part of mockery in society.

Kashvi states that she feels taken aback by Nitya's thinking even being the civil servant in the society.

She tells Nitya that she will not let society snatch Nayan's happiness who did not even stand by her side ever. 

Kashvi tells Nitya that society is changing and they should too consider their family over society.

Further, Kashvi defends Samrat and Nayan's equation and calls the video the edited one to demean Nayan and Samrat.

Nitya tells Kashvi that she is taking a wrong decision but Arjun defends Nayan and Samrat and supports Kashvi's decision for accepting Nayan and Samrat's relationship.

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