Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 13th February 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 13th February 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th February 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th February 2023 episode starts with Samrat asking Nayan to stop putting restrictions on his drinking as he doesn't consider her to be his real wife, while Nayan also tells him that she holds no desire to become his partner though she shows her off as his wife to save Samrat's reputation.

Samrat holds the drink in his hand and leaves Nayan behind while Nayan confronts him with the truth that he is using Nayan as a showpiece to make Mansi jealous as he still hasn't moved on from Mansi.

Samrat bursts into anger and tells Nayan to not fake a sympathetic act in front of him as he feels that she's with him just for her own greediness.

Nayan goes back to the party while her brain still searches for Samrat and so she comes out of the hall to find him, wherein the security guard tells her that Samrat has already left the party with his car.

Meanwhile, Mansi claps on seeing Nayan's worried face and tells her to make a habit of facing things alone as she's "Samrat's wife", however, Nayan answers her back that it would be better for her if she stops interfering in other's relationships and focus on her own.

Later, Nayan sits in the taxi and comes home where she notices Samrat's bedroom filled with drinks. She approaches Samrat and begins to question him for his rude behavior to leave her all alone with taunts in the party.

Meanwhile, Samrat hugs Nayan while crying in pain by rewinding Mansi's betrayal in past. He shares his past days with Nayan when Mansi left him for Raghav's money and fame.

Samrat also tells Nayan about Revati handling his heartbreak by asking him to not trust any other women in his life except her and Aliya as they will never break his trust.

Samrat expresses his heartbreak to turn his strength as he becomes "Rockstar Samrat" from "Samrat Chaudhry" as soon as Mansi left him.

He curses his destiny for sending Mansi back into his life after 5 years with Prem also he accepts his hatred towards Prem due to Mansi as he visualizes Mansi's betrayal in Prem's eyes which causes him to hate Prem more.

However, Nayan consoles Samrat by giving him the warmth of love and making him sleep in her lap while she realizes Samrat's suffering is the reason for his stiffness towards others. Nayan decides to help Samrat to remove all his past sufferings and make him the real Samrat Chaudhary.

On the other hand, Malti calls Nayan aloud while Nayan approaches her and questions her condition, Malti's eyes are flooded with tears as she cannot bear the truth of Ishani leaving her forever. Malti tells Nayan about the car accident that Mohit and Ishani faced which caused their death.

Nayan's heart leaves her in shock on hearing about the death while Malti blames Samrat being the reason for the incident, however, Nayan tells Malti that although Samrat is demonic, he will never murder someone.

Malti questions Nayan for trusting Samrat just in two days and Malti confirms Samrat being the player behind the murder as he tracked her phone and knew about Mohit and Ishani's stay in Shimla.

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