Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 13th February 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 13th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th February 2024 episode starts with Kashvi being in Sushma's house after seeing Aman as everything starts to make sense.

Sushma tells her to leave from there as this guy is Nisha's husband but why does he look like Aditya as he is Aman.

She remembers Nisha used to say Aman and not Aditya.

Sushma states Aman is Aditya's twin brother and tells Aman is the one who married Nisha.

Kashvi yells, asking why he is here after torturing his wife and kids after which Sushma reveals that he is sick, and sometimes he forgets everything.

Sushma says if they punished him, his situation could get worse and requests Kashvi to not tell anyone.

Sushama also tries to explain that she is stuck in a tough situation.

Kashi says she will tell Aditya that he is doing wrong and then she leaves.

Meanwhile, Mahima tries to come closer to Arjun and manipulate him, but he pushes her back yelling he doesn't have feelings for her.

Arjun says he never touched her in almost 5 years except that one night and because of that one night, he has to leave his love, Kashvi, and still regrets everything.

She says because of that one night they have a very important kid while Arjun says for their child Karun, he is with her.

Further, he tells her that she is not raising him correctly as she is not a good mother and Karun deserves a good mother.

For himself also, Arjun says he deserves a good wife and that is why he needs divorce while Mahima decides she won't let this happen.

Kashvi reaches out to Adi after which he acts like he doesn't know that person.

She raises her voice, asking him don't he know his twin brother and says she won't let him save his guilty brother and will tell the police authority the truth.

Adi stops her and requests not to say anything to anyone while Kashvi says he tortured a woman and it's wrong.

Adi says he was not like this in childhood but later situations made him like this.

He recalls how their dad sent him to the hostel forcefully, and the other kids there used to rag him badly.

After that, his father took him out of the hostel and sent him to the health clinic in the name of treatment where everyone tortured him and mistreatment.

After all this, one day he decided to run away and they tried to find him but didn't find.

Kashvi says a man can harm anyone but Adi assures her this won't happen.

He also promises that he'll take care of Nisha and their child and requests not to tell the police.

She says his brother needs a psychiatrist but Adi tells he'll be there but if something happens to Aman, Adi will die.

On the other hand, Mahima is in the lawyer's office and tells him that his husband wants a divorce but not her and tries to manipulate the lawyer.

Nisha calls Arjun and tells him that a letter came and there was a key in it.

Meanwhile, Arjun asks who sent it and she says she will go to find it so he goes along.

Arjun and Nisha reach that address and enter from the front door using the same key. 

They glance at Sushma after which Nisha turns around and gets scared, thinking Aman in his husband.

Sushma takes them to the corner and tells Aman is Aditya's twin brother.

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