Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 13th January 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 13th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th January 2024 episode starts with Kashvi telling Arjun that it's the last hope for them and she wishes for a positive report whereas Aditya calls Kashvi and asks where is she.

She tells him that there is good news as they have collected the bottles and sent them for checking.

However, Aditya scolds her for not informing him before doing the raid after which Kashvi tells him that she had a reason for not informing him because if the factory owner would have got to know about it then their whole plan might have got ruined.

She tells him that she is in the lab waiting for the reports and he tells her that he is reaching there in a few minutes after which Kashvi tells about to Arjun and he asks her to not worry.

Both wait for the report while Aditya reaches there and reports also come but Kashvi is shocked to see the report.

Aditya snatches the report from her hands and reads that the report is negative.

Mahima reaches there also and murmurs that she has informed Kashvi's plan to the factory owner after which he changed the bottles kept there whereas Aditya scolds Kashvi for being unprofessional.

He taunts her saying that someone has informed the factory owner about this that's why the factory owner changes the bottles every time which provokes Arjun's anger and he says that he is not responsible for it.

Kashvi also takes Arjun's side but Aditya asks her to answer senior officers about it later on the next day.

Meanwhile, Mahima tries to be extra sweet with Arjun but he goes from there and she tells Karun that she will drop Karun off today for school.

Mahima drops Karun near to school but Karun tells her that Kashvi is here after which she tells him to give the gift to Kashvi.

Karun goes to give the gift whereas Kashvi tells Dadi that their mission failed again for which Dadi curses Arjun but Kashvi defends Arjun and after some time, Karun reaches there and hands over the gift that Mahima has given her.

He tells her to open it in the office when she gets free after that he goes from there and Kashvi goes to the office and finds ACB officers doing a raid on her office.

She asks them who permitted them after which Aditya tells her that he permitted them.

Aditya takes her away from the cabin whereas Mahima meets Mahira and scolds her for doing her accident, asking her to keep her mouth quiet forever and goes to Kashvi's office.

Kashvi argues with Aditya for allowing ACB to do the raid of her office after which he tells her that he is doing all these things to find the person who is deceiving their team.

Meanwhile, Kashvi tells him that he has hurt her and she goes.

Elsewhere, Arjun wonders what has he done Aditya does not trust him after which Mahima comes into Arjun's office with a tiffin and tells him that she loves him and says that she wants to have lunch with him.

Arjun requests her to go from there so she acts in front of him that she is worried but just then, the peon calls Arjun to come into Kashvi's cabin because Aditya is waiting for her.

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