Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 14th February 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 14th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th February 2024 episode starts with Sushma crying and telling Arjun that Aman is Aditya's twin brother.

Arjun is shocked to hear that Aman is Aditya's twin while Kashvi collects evidence to bring back Aditya and punish Aman instead of him.

She thinks of Nisha and awaits for her call while Sushma tells everything related to Aman to Arjun while he is shocked to hear all the things.

Sushma gets emotional and says that Aman is not responsible for all these things because his condition is not good but Arjun does not listen to her.

He calls police and and informs them of everything related to Aman and asks them to come there after that he also informs Kashvi about Aman and asks her to come there.

Kashvi thanks god that whatever she was thinking about Aman was right after some time she goes there while Sushma tells Arjun that Kashvi already knows about Aman's truth.

Arjun is shocked to hear that while police come there and arrest Aman and take him away from there while Sushma requests them to not take him along with them.

Kashvi behaves innocently in front of Arjun which provokes his anger and scolds her for behaving like she is unaware of everything.

After that, Kashvi tells him that she is doing all these things because she had promised Aditya that she would not tell Aman's truth to anyone.

Arjun yells at her and asks her why is she defending Aditya after which Kashvi tells him that Aditya is her husband so she must follow his instructions.

Then, she goes from there while Arjun feels bad seeing so much care and concern in Kashvi's heart for Aditya.

He turns around and gets emotional whereas Kashvi reaches the police station and does all the formalities so that Aditya's bail can be done.

After that, the constable realizes Aditya and the inspector brings Aman over there after which Aman starts crying and requests Aditya to rescue him.

Aditya assures him that soon he will take him out of jail after that constable puts Aman behind bars.

Kashvi along with Sushma and Neha reaches there while Aditya thinks that Kashvi broke his promise.

Then, she narrates everything to him that Arjun got to learn about the truth after which he took action against Aman.

Just then, Arjun reaches there and yells at Kashvi for lying to Aditya and he asks her to tell the truth to Aditya after which Kashvi feels embarrassed.

She tells Aditya that she doesn't want him to get a punishment that doesn't belong to him but Aditya tells her that Aman’s mental health will deteriorate more.

He panics for Aman after Kashvi tells him that he has already discussed Aman’s condition with police after which he realizes that Kashvi did right.

Aditya assures Neha that he will look after her and Vansh after that Sushma also accepts Kashvi and Aditya's wedding.

On the other hand, Mahima brings a lawyer and is ready to divorce Arjun by asking him to accept certain conditions that are out of Arjun's reach.

He complains to god for doing wrong with her every time whereas Nisha tells Aditya that she will move to Bhopal as she has got a job as a secretary at an N.G.O. who will also look after Vansh's schooling.

Meanwhile, Aditya puts his hands over her shoulder which makes her feel awkward, and tells her that she can ask for help from them anytime.

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