Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 14th January 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 14th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th January 2024 episode starts with ACB officers interrogating Kashvi's office and after that, they ask for Arjun's phone for checking which provokes his anger but Kashvi asks him to not panic because they will check everything.

After that, they check Kashvi's bag and tell her that they will check the gift too which provokes her anger but Aditya calms her down by saying that it's part of protocol so she allows them to check.

Mahima recalls that she has put money inside it so that ACB officers could think that she had taken bribes from the factory owner to hide his truth.

Meanwhile, when the officer checks the box and finds that it's empty, they go to check Arjun's locker whereas Mahima gets angry about who would have removed money from it.

ACB officer checks Arjun's locker and they find money in it which makes Mahima anxious and she decides to go from there whereas Kashvi asks Arjun where did so much money has come into his locker.

She politely asks him who gave him so much money but he murmurs that he cannot tell anyone that he found this hefty amount in her gift box.

He recalls that he took away the money and hid it in his locker when she was busy on a call with Dadi whereas Aditya tells Kashvi that he already told her that he didn't believe Arjun from starting.

However, Kashvi defends Arjun in front of everyone.

She asks Arjun why is he quiet but he murmurs that he cannot say anything while Aditya tells Kashvi that the money inside Arjun's locker is the biggest proof that he is corrupt and he asks the inspector to arrest him after which they take Arjun to jail.

On the other hand, Mahima tells Romila how her plan has been ruined and she gets anxious thinking that now she has to live in poverty because Arjun will lose his job for sure so she decides to leave Arjun.

Romila asks her to think from the mind and acts as a caring wife in this situation.

Meanwhile, the inspector asks Arjun where he got so hefty amount but Arjun says that he does not know anything and tells them that he is not involved in any scam but the inspector asks him for the last time to speak the truth.

Jagdish tries to call Arjun because he has not returned from work since morning while Mickey and Monty tell him that Arjun is not in his office Mahima does her acting like she is worried for Arjun and Karun secretly hears their conversation and decides to bring his father Bak.

In the meantime, Kashvi asks Aditya to value Arjun's job and not disrespect him with superficial things and says that she will support Arjun but Aditya taunts her for supporting her ex-husband.

Kashvi tells him that Arjun is innocent that's why she is supporting him as Arjun is not a criminal so she goes to see him whereas Karun meets Kashvi and tells him that his dad is missing that's why he has come to do an F.I.R to find his father.

After that, Karun and Kashvi come inside the police station and ask the inspector to file an F.I.R. to find his father.

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