Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 14th March 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 14th March 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th March 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th March 2023 episode starts with Aliya behaving like a drunkard and telling Mansi that the Holi has just started. 

Mansi panics thinking that Aliya has drunk the Bhaang instead of Nayan and decides to take her inside before she reveals any of their secrets. 

Meanwhile, Chintu and Prem hi-five each other for successfully changing the glasses and saving Nayan.

With great difficulty and persistence, Mansi brings Aliya inside and tells her to be quiet. 

Just then, Samrat also comes inside and hearing Mansi telling Aliya that she will expose them both, hides behind the vase. 

Aliya gets angry and spills the beans by telling Mansi that she is the one who has saved her many times like deleting the CCTV footage and pushing Nayan into the tank. 

Mansi tries to pacify her, saying that she will deal with her later but for now let's go upstairs. 

Meanwhile, Samrat is shocked to hear that Aliya is the one helping Mansi. 

Later, Samrat tells Mohit that Aliya is helping Mansi in her evil plans.

He tells him that he cannot believe that Aliya will stoop so low and will try to kill Nayan. 

Mohit tells him to expose both of them when Samrat tells him that for now, he will keep it under wraps because he wants to know what Mansi wants from him. 

The next day, Aliya is crying in pain with a headache when Mansi comes with a glass of lemonade and tells her that she was intoxicated the previous day.

Aliya is shocked to hear Mansi and asks her if she was able to create differences between Samrat and Nayan. 

Mansi tells her that their plan failed and Nayan and Samrat are still together but she will not give up until she succeeds in ripping Nayan apart from Samrat. 

Meanwhile, Samrat is whining about looking like a cartoon with colours spread everywhere while Nayan mocks him saying he wanted to play Holi so desperately. 

Seeing Nayan devoid of colour, Samrat asks her what is her secret while Nayan tells him that she has a home remedy that is called coconut oil.

Samrat tells her that he hates coconut oil which angers Nayan and she tells him about several benefits of coconut. 

Samrat realizes that coconut oil is the only way to get rid of these colour marks and tells Nayan to apply it on him as he cannot bear the smell. 

However, Nayan makes him grovel before she agrees.

Later, Nayan applies coconut oil to Samrat, and gets distracted by each other closeness.

Just then, phone bell brings them back and Samrat goes to attend to the phone feeling awkward. 

Later, Mansi collides with Samrat and tells him that she was a fool to leave him but she still loves him. 

Using Prem’s name, Mansi tells him that she wants to make things right and wants to fulfill Prem’s dream of seeing them together. 

Samrat pretends to be shocked saying why is she behaving like this suddenly. 

However, Mansi tells him that there is nothing sudden in this but everything was destiny and that is why she has come to this house and did not marry that creep of a man Raghav. 

Samrat looks puzzled and tells Mansi that he needs time to think which gives Mansi hope. 

She tells him to think as much as he likes and asks him to forget all the bad memories of the past and focus on their love for each other while thinking about it. 

Just then, a servant comes there telling Samrat that there are police downstairs. 

As Samrat comes down, the police tell him that they are from the Income tax department and have come to raid his house. 

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