Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 14th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 14th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th May 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th May 2023 episode starts with a concerned Arjun asking Nayan about her injuries making Kashvi curious.

He tells her about Nayan’s accident while Kashvi gets stressed and checks on Nayan and requests her to come along with her to the hospital.

Nayan holds Kashvi and makes her understand that she is fine.

Further, agitated Kashvi tells Arjun to help her in finding the man who hit her.

Nayan calms Kashvi down and pacifies her that it was her mistake and warns Kashvi and Arjun to wrap the matter then and there.

In the meantime, Kashvi takes their leave to return Mr Whatever’s blazer while Nayan is relieved that Kashvi has agreed to not exaggerate the accident matter.

On the other hand, Samrat’s gardener informs him about his plant from Delhi blooming the flowers after so long.

Overjoyed Samrat rushes to his garden and remembers Nayan as the memory of planting the flower together takes over his mind.

However, he finds Kashvi to be a replica of Nayan.

Samrat waters the plant and spends his time gardening and puts the mud all over his face.

Mahima and Samrat's war of words!

Meanwhile, Mahima seeks the guard’s permission to enter Pradyuman’s house while arguing with him to let her enter-in.

She, further, finds another way to barge into Pradyuman’s house and jumps from the wall on the back and falls on the ground trashing Samrat’s love flower.

On finding Mahima ruining his flower, Samrat bashes her for entering his house.

Assuming him to be the servant of the house, Mahima misbehaves with him as she calls herself Pradyuman’s girlfriend.

Samrat, shocked by Mahima’s claim to be Pradyuman’s girlfriend, reprimands her as he believes that Pradyuman can never be together with a girl like her.

In the meantime, the security guard enters and takes away Mahima from the house.

Further, Kashvi seeks the guard’s permission to meet Samrat to return his blazer but stops mid-way as she finds the flower ruined and gets into planting it back.

Kashvi nurses Samrat's rare flowers!

After a while, Samrat joins her and looks at her with awe while standing aside and finding her joyfully planting the flower.

As Kashvi gets done with her plantation finds Samrat standing aside and walks toward him.

Kashvi tells Samrat to take care of the rare flower he has in his garden while he jokingly calls her a short-tempered person.

Samrat asks Kashvi to have a seat and thanks her for coming all the way to return his blazer.

Kashvi appreciates Samrat for changing his decision and apologises to him for scolding him unnecessarily.

Samrat assures Kashvi that she made him understand the value of hard work while Kashvi again starts appreciating her mother.

Further, Samrat blesses her as he wishes her the best in her life while putting his hand over her head.

They share an awkward moment while they both each other the best in their life.

Kashvi scolds Samrat for losing hope in his life and tells him to try to think about the best thing in his life and wish again.

Forced by Kashvi, Samrat does as Kashvi says and remembers Nayan while still unsure whether he will get his wishes fulfilled or not.

Samrat tells Kashvi that Romila referred to herself as the owner and called Kashvi an employee in the store.

Further, Kashvi tells him that her mother is the one who has put all her efforts into the shop while her aunt takes the credit always.

Samrat signs the paper and gives ownership to Kashvi for the store to make her future secure.

While Kashvi is about to leave, Samrat stops her and jokingly asks her whether she will not ask his name today.

Kashvi adorably tells him that he has a heart of a king so he must have a name similar to it.

Further, as she tries making attempts to guess his name, Samrat tells her to call her Mr Whatever only.

Arjun's birthday preparations!

Meanwhile, Neerja and Nayan bump into each other and discuss Arjun’s birthday and find him excited about his birthday celebration.

Neerja informs Kashvi about Arjun asking for the latest red phone as his gift while Kashvi wonders about Arjun’s liking for red colour.

Further, Kashvi excitedly informs Nayan about the shop owner and Maaji praises Kashvi for her smartness.

Arjun asks for Mahima and Nayan informs him about Mahima not being in the house.

He takes Nayan’s leave asking them to come on time while he adorably holds Kashvi’s cheeks and invites her to his birthday.

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