Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 15th December 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 15th December 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th December 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th December 2023 episode starts with Aditya challenging Arjun that he will wait to see if destiny will favor him and after that, he goes from there.

Kashvi goes to convince Aditya and she says that she didn’t realize she asked for an apology from him.

In the meantime, Kashvi receives a text from Simran that she knows a secret related to her and she wants to tell her after meeting her so Kashvi tells the same to Aditya.

Aditya says that after lunch he will bring Mickey near Simran’s house whereas Harman observes that his phone is missing so he goes and notices it lying in Simran’s room.

He takes it away from it and goes from there whereas Kashvi, Arjun, and Aditya discuss their plan for final execution and they go for it.

Meanwhile, Simran waits for Harman to bring food for her and Geetika brings food for her and they open her hands so that she can eat it.

They go from there whereas Simran tries to escape from the house by jumping from her room with the help of rope while Kashvi and Arjun wait for her.

She falls from the building and Kashvi notices her lying on the road they go to see her and Arjun goes to bring an ambulance for her.

Simran tries to tell Kashvi about the secret but she gets unconscious whereas Geetika comes along with Harman over there and tries to act like a concerned family member.

Kashvi scolds them for killing Simran but Harman tries to blame Kashvi she says that she knows the truth that they used to torture Simran.

Geetika recalls how she was involved in an argument with Simran and Harman beat her and how they brought her on the terrace and pushed her from there.

Meanwhile, Geetika lies to Kashvi that Simran realized her mistake and she did suicide but Kashvi does not agree with them and says that she will investigate the case on her own.

Arjun notices that Simran is alive because her heart is beating so they take her to the hospital while Geetika goes along with Harman to the hospital and she calls Mahima to help them.

She narrates the whole story to Mahima but still Simran is alive so they are also going behind them whereas Karun wakes up and wonders to whom is she talking.

Mahima panics and decides to go hospital whereas Karun asks her where is she going while she lies to him that there is an emergency.

Karun insists on going with her so she takes him with her while Geetika reaches the hospital whereas Mickey thanks Aditya for helping him.

Kashvi calls Aditya and narrates all the things that happened with Simran which breaks Mickey’s heart whereas Karun notices Kitty in the hospital and plays with it.

In the meantime, he notices blood on Kashvi’s face and goes to help her but recalls that he promised Mahima that he would never meet Kashvi.

He gets confused and wonders how he should help her.

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