Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 15th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 15th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th May 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th May 2023 episode starts with Nayan and Kashvi making preparations for Arjun’s birthday cake.

Seeing the excitement on her face, Nayan asks Kashvi if she is in love with Arjun.

In a moment of excitement, Kashvi confesses to Nayan that she loves Arjun since her childhood.

Kashvi, further, mentions that Arjun keeps saying that she is special to him and his life is incomplete without her.

Nayan and Kashvi hug each other and jump into excitement while Kashvi appreciates Nayan for being an understanding mother.

In the meantime, Romila and Bhaisahab return home after a joyful day and get excited seeing the registry papers and go to their room.

Romila is dishearted seeing the store’s ownership rights in Kashvi’s name and yells at Bhaisahab that her fears are turning into reality.

Bhaisahab grabs the documents in his hand and wonders about the store getting in her name.

Romila provokes him by instigating him against Kashvi and calls her a selfish cunning woman.

Further, Bhaisahab calls someone and tells him to do as he asked him earlier.

Meanwhile, Kashvi and Nayan are joyfully looking at the cake in the kitchen.

Nayan's shop CATCHES fire!

Further, Nayan receives a call and is informed about her shop catching fire and rushes to the spot.

Maaji breaks down seeing the shop on fire while Nayan realises that Mahima was inside the shop and gets stressed for her.

However, Mahima calls out to Nayan and they rush to hug each other on finding her safe.

On the other hand, Samrat calls Pradyuman to help him with changing the car’s Stephanie and tells him to put the cycle tyre to replace the car.

Pradyuman tells Samrat to stop joking and let him get the car’s tyre done.

Samrat tells Pradyuman when we try joining two incompatible things together they turn out awful and asks him to stay away from Mahima.

He makes him understand that they should never mess up the dimensions of equations since the trauma is lifelong.

In the meantime, Mahima realises that her phone gifted by Pradyuman is inside the shop and rushes inside to get it back.

Arjun follows Mahima inside the shop while Kashvi breaks down seeing Arjun going inside the shop.

Further, Romila and Bhaisahab are overjoyed to see their plan working out so well without anybody getting to know the culprits.

Romila remembers how she intentionally made Mahima come out of the shop so that Bhaisahab could easily get his man to work out their plan without any interference.

Romila and Bhaisahab are excited to get the money from insurance as they are the nominee in the documents.

Inside the shop, Mahima makes her way to get the phone but gets trapped in the fire and screams for help.

Arjun joins in while he asks her to calm down and assures her that he will get her out safely.

He jumps over the barriers and offers his shirt to her and Mahima holds him close not realising that Arjun feels for her.

She gets unconscious and Arjun takes her in his arms and walks out of the shop safely.

The family is relieved to see them both safe and help Mahima regain her consciousness.

Kashvi realises Arjun loves Mahima and NOT her!

Seeing Arjun worried for Mahima and constantly telling her that he cannot live without her, Kashvi steps back and gets heartbroken.

Kashvi realises that Mahima has the same red phone that Nitya told her about which Arjun got for himself as his birthday gift.

She connects the dots and concludes that Arjun loves Mahima and not her.

In the meantime, Nitya comes to the spot while Maaji informs her about Arjun rushing inside to save Mahima from the fire.

Romila and Bhaisahab tell Nitya that the fire must be because of an electric shock.

However, a police officer gives a piece of evidence to Nitya who realises that the shop catching fire was not an accident but a well-executed plan.

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