Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 16th January 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 16th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th January 2024 episode starts with Kashvi getting numb after she gets to know that due to her, problems are occurring in Arjun's married life.

She gets emotional whereas Mahima requests her to leave them alone and asks her to go away from there forever which brings tears to Kashvi's eyes because Mahima tries to manipulate Kashvi by saying that she is taking away Arjun from him.

Kashvi starts crying and decides to go away from Karun and Arjun's life.

She goes away from there which brings a smile to Mahima's face but Kashvi turns and asks her why she gifted her an empty box.

Mahima lies to her that she gifted a saree to her but it might have fallen somewhere from Karun's hand after which Kashvi goes from there while Mahima laughs at her and says that Kashvi is more innocent than Arjun and anyone can make her fool.

Meanwhile, Kashvi recalls every moment spent with Karun and recalls Mahima's words that since she returned, Arjun has started ignoring her.

Kashvi feels bad and is not able to process that Karun is a child of Mahima and Arjun and she questions God why he always hurts her while Aditya comes there and tries to console her as he also feels bad for her.

She tells him that she is broken again whereas Aditya tries to give her positivity after which he tells her that Arjun is innocent which lightens Kashvi's eyes and he tells everything that Arjun told him.

Aditya asks her who gave her that gift so Kashvi tells her that Mahima gave her that gift so that her job can be snatched and says that she is the biggest fool for believing Mahima.

Kashvi asks Aditya to do something to bring back Arjun but Kashvi realises that if they will tell everything to the police, then Karun's mother will be snatched from him so she asks him to do something else.

She decides to take all the blame on herself but Aditya disagrees with her and calls Mahima and Karun into office on the next day.

Arjun also comes and Aditya shows the photo of how Arjun saved Kashvi from the fake allegations.

The police say that the money belongs to Kashvi so they have to arrest her but Aditya takes the blame on himself and the police ask him if he is trying to save Kashvi.

However, Aditya lies to them they exchange the box as a mistake.

Police then asked Aditya where he got that money so he lies to them showing a fake receipt for jewelry that he sold to the jeweler.

Meanwhile, the police question him about how can they believe him so Aditya calls the jeweler and the police confirm it is from a jeweler.

Mahima thanks god whereas Aditya murmurs that anyhow he convinced the jeweler to help him.

After that, Aditya asks the police to leave Arjun but the police asks Aditya to show them the box after which he asks Kashvi who gifted her.

Kashvi tells them that Karun gave her the gift that Mahima asked him to give her after which the police confirm it from Mahima and Karun as they ask what was inside the gift.

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