Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 19th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 19th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th May 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th May 2023 episode starts with Pradyuman telling Samrat that Mahima has helped them evade the problem.

A furious Samrat tells Pradyuman that Kashvi found the evidence for getting him out of jail.

Samrat tells Pradyuman that Mahima is trying to trap him for the sake of his money.

He tells Pradyuman to stay away from Mahima to save himself from trouble.

Further, Pradyuman receives a text from her about the coffee date and mumbles to himself that there is something in Mahima that attracts him to her and smiles.

Nayan bashes Romila and Bhaisahab! 

Meanwhile, Nayan returns and turns the tv off leaving Romila and Bhaisahab furious.

She shows them the evidence on the laptop of the goons putting their shop on fire and their face turns blue.

Bhaisahab and Romila nervously cook a story to defame the mall owner.

However, Nayan tells Bhaisahab that he is the one who sent the goons for putting the shop on fire.

Romila argues with Nayan and blames Samrat and abuses him.

Nayan agitated by Romila’s evil words for Samrat bashes her for blaming an innocent man just to save their heinous act.

Mahima joins in the argument and reprimands Romila and Bhaisahab for blaming him despite thanking him for his generosity.

Nayan agrees with Mahima and tells Romila to stop pretending as if she does not know anything.

However, Mahima gets excited seeing Nayan siding with her and assumes that Nayan is okay with Mahima getting married to Pradyuman.

Nayan takes Mahima to her room while Bhaisahab and Romila stress about Maaji’s reaction to their evil act.

In the meantime, Mahima excitedly hugs Nayan for taking the complaint back.

Nayan calms down Mahima and tells her about Nitya’s proposal about Arjun and Mahima’s marriage.

Mahima tells Nayan to stop acting like a mother of the 80s and makes her understand that Pradyuman won’t leave her for her financial status.

A worried Nayan tells Mahima to consider Arjun over Pradyuman as there can be no one better than Arjun for her.

Mahima nods with Nayan and agrees to consider Arjun as a prospect and leaves the room.

The next day, Samrat visits a jewellery store to get a gift for Kashvi while Nayan also visits the same store to collect her gold coins.

Nayan asks the owner about the scheme she invested in and asks for the gold coins she was promised at the time of instalments.

Further, Samrat chooses a bracelet for Kashvi and gets it packed.

However, the staff asks him about the diamond bracelet that Pradyuman has selected and gives it to Samrat.

Samrat walks out of the store and Nayan feels his presence around her as she smells his essence.

He calls Pradyuman to know about his whereabouts but he does not pick up his calls and then call his driver.

Samrat decides to visit the restaurant to check on Pradyuman.

In the meantime, Pradyuman is having coffee with Mahima and appreciates her for her sweet behaviour.

He tells her that even though she is so well-behaved Samrat does not like her.

Mahima tells him that his gardener must have complained about her to him.

Pradyuman tells Mahima that Samrat is none other than his mentor and works with him and not under him.

In the meantime, Samrat walks into the restaurant leaving Pradyuman and Mahima shocked.

He intentionally puts the fire alarm on the ring to make him understand the true face of Mahima.

Samrat tells Pradyuman to stay away from a selfish girl like Mahima and leaves from there.

Mahima bitches about Samrat and blames him for ruining their date.

An emotional Pradyuman apologises to Mahima and tells her not meet to him until Samrat calms down.

Mahima instigates Nayan!

Meanwhile, Mahima sheds a few tears in front of Nayan and cooks a story for Nayan to provocate her against Samrat.

She tells Nayan to talk to Pradyuman’s uncle and emotionally manipulates her.

Mahima tricks Nayan with her words and Nayan agrees to visit Pradyuman’s uncle to seek answers for her.

She hugs Nayan and smiles as her plan to trick Nayan worked.

On the other hand, Kashvi is busy studying while Arjun joins her in her room.

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