Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 1st June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 1st June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st June 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st June 2023 episode starts with Kashvi shouting at Arjun and telling him that he is overdoing things for Mahima.

Arjun talks back and they start arguing, while a heavy pot falls onto Kashvi's foot and she gets hurt.

Samrat runs to her and takes her to her bedroom for first- aid, while Arjun feels bad for her.

As Samrat does Kashvi's first aid, Kashvi gets lost in her thoughts.

Samrat asks her what she is so worried about and Kashvi explains about Pradyuman and Mahima, making Samrat shocked.

Kashvi also tells him that Pradyuman gets into their house uninvited, while requesting Samrat to make Pradyuman understand to stay away from Mahima.

Kashvi gets emotional thinking if somebody comes to know about Pradyuman and Mahima then they will shame Nayantara and she can't tolerate somebody disrespecting Nayantara.

Samrat tells her not to worry as they both share a hug, making Kashvi emotional.

After Kashvi leaves, Samrat mutters to himself that he has to talk to Pradyuman.

On the other hand, Mahima is getting ready for her Haldi and Romila arrives there and provokes her.

Romila tells her if she doesn't do anything soon then she will be married and her dream of having luxury will come to an end.

Mahima expresses her concern about this situation while Romila tells her that she will help her by ruining Haldi's function by dropping the Haldi pot as there won't be any to use then.

Mahima agrees with Romila, while, outside everyone is enjoying the Haldi function as Arjun gets smeared with the turmeric paste.

Kashvi watches all this happen with a sullen face when Romila makes Mahima come into the ceremony.

Romila takes Haldi's pot from Nitya and tells her she will do Haldi first.

However, Romila intentionally drops the pot and pretends like it was an accident and everybody gets worried. 

Just then, Mahima refuses to reuse the Haldi while Nayantara insists she do it but she refuses again and is about to leave in anger when Samrat stops her.

He tells her not to disrespect or hurt everyone's feelings and Mahima asks him who he is to lecture her and insults him.

Nayantara gets angry and scolds her while telling her to apologize to him, but Mahima refuses.

Nayantara shouts at her and tells her to apologize again and Mahima does and leaves immediately.

Further, Samrat gets a call and goes outside to meet Pradyuman.

He starts scolding Pradyuman for sneaking into Nayantara’s house and forcefully kissing Mahima.

Pradyuman tells Samrat that he really loves and wants to marry her but Samrat tells him that Mahima is only playing games with him.

However, Pradyuman disagrees and tells Samrat that Mahima loves Pradyuman too.

Samrat tells him that she is a gold digger and both of them start arguing while Pradyuman leaves, disrespecting Samrat.

Meanwhile, Romila comes there and tells Samrat that Pradyuman isn't wrong.

Samrat asks what she is talking about and she explains that the only wrong person here is Nayantara as she knows who loves whom but she is still making them marry other people.

Samrat gets confused so Romila tells him that Kashvi loves Arjun and Mahima loves Pradyuman which leaves Samrat shocked.

Romila provokes Samrat against Nayantara by saying Kashvi loves Samrat since her childhood and Mahima never loved Arjun.

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