Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 20th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 20th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th May 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th May 2023 episode starts with Arjun joking with Kashvi about selling his kidney for her coaching fees.

He shows her the scholarship form and she excitedly thanks him for helping her out.

As Arjun looks around here and there, Kashvi tells him that Mahima isn’t home.

Sensing her awkwardness, Arjun reprimands her for her weird behaviour and forces Kashvi to promise him to always keep their friendship intact.

Further, Arjun gets her signature on the scholarship form and leaves.

However, Kashvi mumbles to herself that no matter what Arjun feels anything the dimension of their relationship has changed already.

Meanwhile, Nayan visits Pradyuman’s uncle for daring to call Mahima selfish and rings the doorbell.

She introduces herself as Mahima’s mother and bashes him for misunderstanding things about Mahima and making a judgement over her.

Samrat MEETS Nayan!

Hearing Nayan’s voice, Samrat gets shocked as he recognises it and contemplates Nayan’s accident the other day.

Samrat is shaken as he sees her reflection in the mirror while Nayan is blabbering praising Mahima, unaware of Pradyuman’s uncle being Samrat.

Nayan bashes him for not understanding the feeling of love or daring to love someone to the extent of sacrificing himself for the love of his life.

As Samrat turns around, Nayan is astonished to find Samrat standing in front of her.

Samrat walks toward her and tells her that there was a girl he did not know how to live without.

He tells that the girl died in an accident and he is a walking dead man since then.

Samrat holds Nayan and asks her why did she do that to him and having a family of her own after leaving him while he ruined his entire life for her.

He bashes her for making him suffer through all these years and punishing him for a crime he did not commit.

Nayan agitated by his words, tells him how could she return to him when he killed her parents.

Past comes in-between Nayan and Samrat!

Tears roll down her face as she tells Samrat that she met Mansi after the accident and she told him about Samrat killing her family members for the sake of money.

Samrat calls out Nayan for believing a cunning Mansi over her husband and tells her that he saved Govind, why would he kill him.

He holds her face and questions her for believing Mansi over him.

Nayan mumbles to herself as she reads the pain in Samrat’s eyes that she still gets jittery seeing him even after so many years.

Samrat tells Nayan that despite standing by his side to fight Mansi, she chose to pretend her accident to get away from him.

Nayan tells Samrat that she needed to go away from him to save her, to give herself a reason to live.

A vulnerable Samrat tells Nayan that she should have come to him and sought answers to her questions and he would have explained everything.

Nayan tells Samrat that time has changed them and they’re leading separate lives and warns him to never come in between Mahima and Pradyuman.

Frustrated with her, Samrat yells at her and assures her that he will never let Mahima get married to Pradyuman as she is also money minded exactly like her mother, Nayan.

Samrat screams at the top of his voice and tells her to never interfere in his or Pradyuman’s life.

He tells Nayan that he hates her as he has already lost his love Nayantara years back in the accident and pushes Nayan away.

Nayan is taken aback by Samrat’s behaviour while they both shed tears turning their back to each other as the track Yeh hai Chahatein plays in the backdrop.

Samrat HATES Nayan!

Further, Nayan is inconsolable as she gets drenched in the rain and Samrat’s I hate you echo in her ears.

She is in disbelief and blames Samrat for ruining their lives always.

Meanwhile, Samrat weeps as he mutters to himself that Nayan cheated on him and created a family of her own.

On the other hand, Nayan decides to never let him know about Kashvi’s truth otherwise she will lose her daughter to him as well.

Meanwhile, Mahima is preparing the wedding list and asks Kashvi to help her out.

Kashvi feels the pain in her heart as she assumes Mahima to be getting married to Arjun.

Mahima excitedly tells her that Nayan is off to fix things for her marriage as she flaunts her lehenga to Kashvi.

She finds Kashvi crying and asks her but Kashvi makes an excuse.

In the meantime, Nayan walks to Mahima and takes her with her and tells her about Samrat’s decision to never let Mahima get married to Pradyuman ever.

Nayan tells Mahima to understand as both families are very different in their status and pacify her for considering Arjun over Pradyuman.

A stubborn Mahima tells Nayan that she has made up her mind and walks out while Nayan follows her back.

Nayan is worried as Mahima takes an auto to visit Pradyuman’s place.

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