Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 21st January 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 21st January 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st January 2024 episode starts with Jagdish noticing that Arjun is sleeping on the footpath so he goes to see him.

He wakes up Arjun and asks him to come back home for Karun because he is missing him a lot but Arjun still asks for Kashvi.

Then, Jagdish shows him Kashvi's wedding card to and asks him to focus on his life and his son Karun which opens Arjun's eyes.

Arjun agrees with him and hugs him saying that he will look after Karun from now onwards whereas Kashvi murmurs that Dadi is very very happy to see that Kashvi is marrying Aditya.

She decides to call Dadi and asks her to not do much work but she realizes that she left her phone in Bajwa's house so she goes back.

Meanwhile, Karun murmurs Mahima and Arjun's names and asks for help and Kashvi reaches there after that she hears Karun's voice so she goes to see him.

Kashvi notices that Karun gets unconscious and has high temperature after that she takes him to the hospital and tries to call Mahima and Jagdish but no one picks up her call.

She sends a voice note to Mahima that she is taking Karun to the city hospital whereas Arjun reaches home and does not find Karun sleeping on his bed.

After that, Jagdish and Arjun search for Karun everywhere while Mahima reaches home after which Arjun bursts on her for leaving Karun alone at home.

Mahima also yells at him whereas Dadi gets anxious because the makeup artist and designer have arrived for the function but Kashvi hasn't reached it yet.

Aditya asks Dadi about Kashvi if she has changed her mind about the engagement so Dadi assures him that there is nothing like that.

Dadi tells him that she might get stuck in some urgent work so Aditya tries to call her whereas Kashvi prays to god to save Karun.

The doctor tells Kashvi that someone overdozed Karun with medicine and if she had been late in bringing him to the hospital then he would have gone into a coma.

Kashvi asks the Doctor if Karun will have any side effects of the extra dose or not so the Doctor tells her that they have removed the medicine from his stomach and asks her to take care of Karun further.

After that, the doctor goes from there whereas Kashvi wonders how careless the Parents are Mahima and Arjun while Jagdish scolds Monty for leaving Karun alone at home.

Jagdish gets angry over Monty which provokes Romila's anger and she asks him to scold Karun's parent instead of Monty.

Arjun agrees with her and blames Mahima for everything and throws away the clothes that she shopped for while Mhaima also gets involved in an argument with him.

After that, Jagsdish asks them to first find Karun and then do the fight while Kashvi calls Mahima and asks her why she didn't reach the hospital and has not seen the voice note.

Kashvi narrates everything that happened in Bajwa's house and she asks her to come hospital quickly after that Kashvi informs Dadi and Aditya.

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